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Sociology and Contextualization of Social Phenomenon - Essay Example

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Sociology and Contextualization of Social Phenomenon
Sociology as a discipline holistically covers the social aspects of humankind in relation to variety of phenomenon from power, social stratification, and structural organization to institutions…
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Sociology and Contextualization of Social Phenomenon
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Sociology and Contextualization of Social Phenomenon

Download file to see previous pages... As a discipline, it applies various methods such as empirical research; a way of gaining knowledge by means of direct, indirect observations and experience, and critical analysis which involves learning, mastering and using skills to ascertain whether a claim is true, partially true and/or false. For epistemological purposes the discipline seeks to develop knowledge about human social actions that take into account actions and reactions of an individual and evaluation of the cause and effects in the social realm (Stanfield, 2011, 16). In addition, it seeks to understand social structures; large group of people involved with each other through persistent relations, sharing the same geographical or social territory and/or a group of people subject to the same political authority and dominant cultural expectations. It further seeks knowledge on the structural functionality of a given social system by building a theoretical framework to analyse its complexities and how their parts work together to promote solidarity and stability (Longres, 2009, 12). Gender can be viewed as range of biological, mental, physical and behavioural characteristics that explains sex- based social structures and applied to differentiate between masculinity and femininity. For further distinction, sociology tries to elaborate gender through gender identity perspective which is the person’s private sense and subjective experience of their own gender; which by evaluation through sex- based social structures (Healy, 2009, 3) such as gender roles and social roles, gives the aspects of one as being male or female. Homosexuality on the other hand is the expressive and pleasurable feeling from an emotional attraction; sexual attraction, and /or expression of human sexuality between members of the same gender; in a social perspective, homosexuality can be viewed as an perservering pattern and/ or disposition to experience sexual, romantic attractions and affection primarily from and people of the same gender (Williams & Dellinger, 2010, 2). It can also be viewed as personal sense of identity and socially based kind of identity based on those attractions, who explicitly show behaviours expressing them. Sociology as defined above seeks to study and analyse human social behaviour and the resulting cause effects and this paper will evaluate how sociology helps us see beyond common sense views of society with the help of discussed sociological studies. As a discipline, sociology studies deviance; actions and behaviours that violate group- held beliefs of how society members should behave in a given context, including formally enacted rules as well as informal violation of social norms like rejecting folkways and mores. Sociological gender studies evaluate sex- based social structures including their roles and identity and homosexuality is a form of deviance to conform to the societal norms (Caprile & Pascual, 2011, 49). For instance, normally, in majority of cultures individuals of opposite gender or sex are supposed to interact and have sexual relations to give birth and help in the continuation of the society. Homosexuality on the other hand does not guarantee reproduction; violating society’s expectations and biologically or physically violating social norms. At this point sociology helps to determine through the help of psychologists, psychiatrists and criminologists, how these norms are violated, how they change over time and how measures to eradicate these violations can be enacted (A.P.A, 2009, 35). For instance, through the help ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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