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Name: Institution: Course: Tutor MED-TERM ASSIGNMENT Introduction Racial capitalism entails a practice of preventing people from another racial identity from yours to obtain economic and social benefits of their country. This practice tend to degrade people emanating from another racial identity and further making them feel less important as compared to people with a different racial identity from theirs…
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Download file to see previous pages Among the negative consequence of social capitalism include: widening the gap between the rich countries in the western world and poor countries in Africa. This is because social capitalism tends to divide rather than to unite. Whereby, creating social and economic barriers between the rich and poor countries. In addition, social capital curtails the freedom of some members of the society by excluding them from being part the controlling superior group. It furthers discourages the views of non-group remembers by making sure that non-members adhere strictly to the established policies and regulations. Social capitalism tends to act as a barrier of social unity and mobility among non-members of a particular social identity. Additionally, social capitalism tends to escalate crime rate rather than reducing it. This is because it denies some members of the society to enjoy economic benefits such as equal employment opportunities. However, despite an increase in social and economic gap between Western world and African countries, social capitalism and colonialism led to development of African countries. This is because Africans assimilated western culture and thus becoming creative and innovative in some respects. In addition, social capitalism facilitated globalization and adoption of new technology that is being witnessed in the current world (Gaag and Martin, p.14). Therefore, the study aims to provide an insight on how racial capitalism, and colonialism shaped African Diasporic culture(s) while transforming Western culture itself. How racial capitalism, and colonialism shaped African Diasporic culture(s) while transforming Western culture itself? The African Diasporic culture started to take shape by the 1950’s and 1960’s, with an aim of bringing together numerous people of African who were scattered in various parts of the world as a result of slavery. Therefore, racial capitalism and colonialism shaped African culture in numerous ways and at the same time transforming the western culture. For example; the emergence of Africanism and Trans-Atlantic culture was as a result of racial capitalism and colonialism of African by the western countries. Africans were subjected into slavery whereby, they were forced to work for the white people in their large plantation without any payments. This shaped Africans culture in the sense that they were able to learn how to work, making them to become very creative and innovative. Due to oppression from the Whites, Africans developed resentment against force labor and mistreatment by the White. This resentment led to the emergence of Pan-Africanism identity, a culture that focuses at empowering African people to liberate them from slavery. Black people were able to participate in their transformation process because colonialism and racial capitalism enabled Africans to become creative and innovative due to bitterness and determination to liberate themselves from culture of imperialism. In addition to this, Pan-Africanism culture enabled Africans to develop mentoring them to come up with family structures as well as other form of administrative structure that helped them to deal with difficult situation that they were going through. In addition, Pan-Africanism provided the black people with a sense of cultural identity where they could ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Med-Term Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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