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We live in a world of new diasporas Critically assess this comment in relation to forced migrants - Essay Example

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Diaspora may also be described as the settlement of people in locations away from their homelands. The term Diaspora has been described as a mass…
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We live in a world of new diasporas Critically assess this comment in relation to forced migrants
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Extract of sample "We live in a world of new diasporas Critically assess this comment in relation to forced migrants"

Download file to see previous pages However, instances of Diasporas never seem to end. In various parts of the world we often come to experience instances of forced migrants who are forcefully evicted from their home countries and expelled to new countries without regard to their rights to reside in whichever destination they prefer. For instance, the forceful migration of the Cyprians to many parts of the world due to invasion from the Turkish militia is unrealistically injurious to the rights of Cyprians. It indicates that the world is indeed a world of new Diasporas.
This paper attempts to describe the situation of Diasporas and explain whether the world is a world of new Diasporas or not. Using the case of forced migrants in the Cypriot Diaspora, this paper will examine the circumstances surrounding Cypriot Diaspora and establish whether the Diaspora is an indication of the world being ailed with new diasporas on not. In order to bring the situation into a clear perspective, this paper will first explain what Diaspora actually means, when it started, whether it is still occurring and whether there is still some emergence of new Diasporas. The paper will then examine Cypriot Diaspora in depth so as to determine the situation of new Diasporas in relation to forced migrants. This examination if the Cypriot Diaspora will help the writer to support the argument in way that the reader will be able to understand.
When people talk about Diasporas, what comes into one’s mind is the contact of different countries in terms of borders, travels and Diaspora. As explained earlier, Diaspora refers to dispersion of people out of their home countries to new destinations across the world. However, it is not clear whether the Diasporas experienced in the past during the colonial period are the same as the Diasporas of today. Studies indicate that there are new Diasporas that seem to relate to the colonial Diasporas. It is unfortunate that the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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