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Culture product - Essay Example

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Name Institution Course Instructor Date Race Depictions in Television Products Introduction Television invention served as a key development approach towards communication in the early 20th century. Mainly, the culture spread in western countries before spreading to other parts of the world…
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Culture product
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Download file to see previous pages Mainly, American television programs target different races and it is under such occasions whereby each culture adapts different televised platforms to address each other’s sentiments. The following discussion seeks to establish the depictions of race in television programs and its correlativeness as a cultural product. Section 1 American television programs target a wide range of audience given that the American population tally exceeds 250 million headcount. The population contains of white majority while African-Americans, Hispanics, Chicanos, and other races amount to the remaining population. Therefore, different television programs targeting these different groups depict racial differences and the extent at which some of the races are important or insignificant compared to others. The Black and White Minstrel Show marked one of the most race-related television programs in America and Europe (Abbott and Doug 210). Currently commemorating its 32nd anniversary, the show depicts that African-Americans are subjects to the white Americans and often emulate their practices in order to cope with civilized world. BBC television hosted the program for a long period. While it gained popularity in the Western countries, the show severed the possible integration and growth of a global society that abolished racism and promoted integration. The television programme reigned supreme for several decades and entered the Guinness Book of Records for its 6,477 streak of performances in a row. The programs was popular among the white culture than it was in others (Betancur and Cedric 144). The show depicted the black-masked characters as barbaric and behaving in stereotypical manners thus serving a racial programme in the new edge. Section 2 Stereotypes and racialization of characters The essential factor leading to the recognition and popularity of the Black Minstrel Show in Europe and America emanated from the prevailing mindsets that the show portrayed black culture and their behavioral patterns whenever addressing some issues in their social lives. The show gained popularity amongst the white population and history depicted that its demand increased until a certain time when BBC channel chose to broadcast it on Saturdays in order to reach the increasing demand and a wide population of audience (Chude-Sokei 142). The television show depicted black people as dressing in white fancy clothes in their bid to gain recognition since their color would inhibit their images if they clad in dull colored clothing. On the contrary, the backstage singers who comprised of the white population dressed in black clothes, but were visible over their black counterparts. In addition, the black characters enhanced their visibility by the use of enhancers around their eyes and mouths, and wore large white caps with black ribbons around their bases. Therefore, the directors and managers of the show focused on portraying the racial practices of the black people in their struggle to gain significance through assimilation after emulating practices obviously associated with the Western society. Some of the famous participants in the show were Leslie Crowthner and George Chisholm during the first performances. At a certain point, Lenny ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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