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Women Fragmented Body As A Selling Tool - Research Paper Example

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The role of media has became more prominent in the recent times when communication became the order of the day and even one of the reasons for the success of a number of companies. The role of communication and the affectivity of communication are even recognised by the…
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Women Fragmented Body As A Selling Tool
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Download file to see previous pages Advertising is a form of marketing communication where the elements or ingredients of communication is used to encourage, motivate, persuade and even manipulate an audience for causing some action, that is, causing sales and ensuring continuance of the action. 1
With the increasing competition and the emergence of newer entities in the market it has become extremely important to keep oneself into the glare of the public eye, the subject of the talk, constantly improve and renovate oneself and let people know about the same. This calls for the need of brilliant use of advertising and marketing skills. Advertisement in its basic form is conveying information about the existence of a particular product in the market or its availability, different features of the product, the listed price and its benefits to attract people to it. It is communication to cause sales of the product and even services. With the market becoming over crowded with products and service providers it is increasingly becoming important to get the attention of the public and maintain the same so that they do not lose their occupancy over the market. Not only that, it also aims to gain more market share and presence and increase it sales and become the unbeatable brand. 2
Advertisement is a marketing tool and, the main purpose of advertising is to grab the attention of people who are also the potential customers. 3 The thrust area of advertisements is to affect the audiences with the messages in the advertisements so that they are pursued to buy products or avail the advertised services. So, the advertisers use a number of attractive elements in the advertisements to get an instant share of the audience’s attention which later gets translated into pursuance for the sale of the product or services. 3 The robust development of technology has resulted television in every ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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