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Ethical Analysis of Comments on White Supremacist in the film Crash - Movie Review Example

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This movie review "Ethical Analysis of Comments on White Supremacist in the film Crash" deals with the interrelationship between five of the USA racial groups. The work demonstrates the principal aspect of the racism concept in the film, its maim massage, analyses of comments. From this work, it is clear that all humans in the society are interrelated and interdependent…
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Extract of sample "Ethical Analysis of Comments on White Supremacist in the film Crash"

Download file to see previous pages In the end, the whites emerge as the less scathed throughout the film, despite having been involved in actions that would have also called for being punished like the black race was punished in the film. The paper argues that while the white race is portrayed as racially malevolent, “Crash” is hardly a racist film and nether is the producer/director, Haggis. The paper targets the people who have watched the film and have held a strong belief that the film and the producer are promoting racism, which on the contrary is not true. Implicature, as a social commentary that perceives all human beings as interrelated and interconnected, is the major theme of the film, but the racial dimension of the white supremacy is projected more profoundly than the central theme that the film seeks to explore (Orbe & Kinefuchi, 2008). The central theme seems to be based on the perception that all people are prejudiced to a given extent whether they are white, black, Asian, or Latinos among other races. People often assume individuals from other ethnic groups or even races. People from all races carry around racial and ethnic baggage, which involves a lot of stereotypes, grievances, fears, among other related aspects. Sometimes the same people may view their new position or situations as being attributed to the solution of the problem, but it turns out that the complexity in prejudice makes the problem endless (Jensen & Wosnitzer, 2015). While the movie seems to show the interconnectivity aspect, the interconnectivity comes with much prejudice issues, which many people have been completely unable to solve or evade from. The reason for this is because a certain individual could either face the pain or pass it to another person. This happens deliberately or unknowingly, but the end results are typically the same. The film nevertheless portrays this theme on the basis of white supremacy. In this regard, the state of affairs happens to be the product of white people’s actions (Jensen & Wosnitzer, 2015). The white people are often perceived by many other races as the most powerful and privileged in the world. This may not be true from a realistic perspective, but the same notion has given the racist stereotypes in the same race such consistency. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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