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Analyse how practice contexts impact on maintaining the best interest of the child - Essay Example

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Child protection in Queensland Australia (Name) (Institution) (Course) (Tutor) (Date) Introduction It is the responsibility of a nation and all regions county wide to protect the child. The main duty of Child protection in Queensland Australia is to ensure that the rights and interests of children and young people are protected and safeguarded…
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Analyse how practice contexts impact on maintaining the best interest of the child
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Download file to see previous pages Some of the commissions assist in solving children and young people disputes that may arise in the society. Provision of care is given to vulnerable families and children facing child abuse (Barker & Hodes, 2007). Parents, families and the communities are educated on the rights of children and youth. The importance of bringing up children in a healthy family is emphasized, which leads to a healthy community. During the year 2010, a legislative Act was passed by the Queensland Parliament to enhance the ability of NGO’s services to negotiate with vulnerable people and families in advance. This is to ensure that such families and people get assistance and support from Department of Communities before they face a great problem. The 2010 Child Protection and Other Amendment Act have led to other schemes, which are offering help and support to the needy families. A good example is the Helping out Families initiative, which gets fund support from the government (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2012). PeakCare organization for Child Safety-Queensland The government has made a step further by ensuring that there is a conducive environment for these children. This is by ensuring that organizations, well wishers, employees and other parties are working hand in hand with organizations and communities dealing with child safety. These parties should make contributions, efforts and decisions on how child safety can be improved in the nation. Many companies and organizations have joined hands with the government in child protection (Korbin & Coulton, 1996). PeakCare is one of the organizations that show care and protection to the vulnerable families and children through donation of basic needs. This organization ensures that cases related to child abuse and neglect are reported and correct action taken in good time. This is one of corporate social responsibility companies practice and uphold. They provide moral and financial support to these people and in some cases; they may sponsor a few children with free education. Participating in training and campaigns of maintaining the best interest of child is another way of supporting Child Safety Queensland. Legal and practice guidelines The Australian government made it mandatory in Child Protection Australia 2011-12 to report any cases of child abuse and neglect. This ensures that all children are protected against abuse from parents and the community at large (Tilbury, et al., 2007). This legal requirement is called mandatory reporting. In addition, the government has come up with child protection legislation and policies that protect children. Laws relating to reporting of alleged child sexual violators have been developed in order to take a legal action on them. Heavy penalties and punishment to child sexual abusers will impose fear to people prospecting to commit such crime and this will reduction of such acts in the society (Cashmore, 1999). Issues and dilemma encountered Employees and community working with disability services are faced with many challenges from their customers in their work. Some of these challenges are ethical while others require guidelines in order to ensure that proper acts are practiced (Bowes & Hayes, 1999). Some of the challenges are; gifts and presents from clients as a way of appreciation, disclosure of crimes ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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