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Critique of practice contexts - Essay Example

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CHILD PROTECTION IN QUEENSLAND AUSTRALIA By Lecturer: Institution of Affiliation: City and State: Date: Child Protection in Queensland Australia Introduction Child protection is the social practices that involve preventing and responding to issues affecting children such as violence, negligence, exploitation and child abuses such as sexual exploitation, child labour, child trafficking, and female mutilation among other practices (Barker and Hodes, 2007)…
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Critique of practice contexts
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Download file to see previous pages This system was established to describe in a user friendly manner varied ways through which each phase in the child protection system, the decision making process in the departments and the key necessary actions, which should be taken into considerations in the department to improve the safety of children in the society. The framework was established to offer a common understanding of the Queensland child protection system; thus, enhancements continue to be advanced across the framework in order to improve the overall child protection system. The purpose of this paper is to identify the various dilemmas and challenges that the social worker in this environment has faced, and the evidence based and theoretical frameworks that have been developed to improve the child protection system in Australia. Legal and Practice Guidelines with Regard to Queensland Child Protection System The legal aspect in regard to the Queensland child protection system is to identify the children either who have suffered harm or an in risk of suffering harm, protecting them and providing after-protection support. According to Cassidy (2006, p. 112), the universal policy of Canadian and Australian governments of removing indigenous children from their families and settling them in varied institutions have been well acknowledged. However, the revolution of the policy was removed after the revelation of the Australian Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission that argued that the policies did not meet the interests of the child (Lee and Svevo-Cianci, 2009, p. 768). Australia is a signatory of the United Nations on the Rights of the Child; thus many principles within the convention are embedded within the child protection legislation (Australian Association of Social Workers, 2010, p. 12). Therefore, together with the policy frameworks which reveals the nature in which child care services and interventions are offered, legislative and practice guidelines reflect the service objects to which government aspires in achieving the interest of the child. Issues and Dilemmas Encountered In Maintaining the Best Interests of the Child Social workers encounter varied issues and dilemmas when working to maintain the best interest of the child in the Queensland child protection system. The main issues that have been raised against child protection programs are under protection, over-protection and ignorance of parental rights (Williams, 2004, p. 41). In Queensland protection programs, the safety of the child is over-emphasized to an extent that the parental rights are completely down-trodden. Although the program ensures the safety of the children, the social worker’s code of ethics does stipulate that the parental rights must be upheld while still maintaining effective intervention for the good of the child. This has posed a great dilemma to social work professionals who have to choose between the children's rights and the parental rights. For instance, children who are at risk of being offended by violent parents are isolated from their parents, which sometimes lead to permanent deprivation of the parent’s rights to see their child. At worse instances the children may suffer from stress for not seeing their parents for a long period, making their educational performance. Though ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Critique of Practice Contexts Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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