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Social science - Essay Example

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Functionalism is ultimately a theory of human psychology and behavior that seeks to define and understand the causal relationship that exists between the beliefs, desires, sense of being, an understanding of emotions that define the human experience and their psychological and physical implementation through behavioral output…
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Social science
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Download file to see previous pages In such a way, rather than differentiating a broad level of responses between dynamic and unique groups, the functional approach adequately helps to identify key components of human behavior and what ultimately prompts them into exhibiting themselves in the way that they do. Although it is impossible to have any one particular theory adequately explained human behavior on a systemic scale, it is the belief of this author functionalism is one of the few theories that comes the closest to achieving this nebulous and arguably impossible reality. Ultimately, homophobia can be defined as a belief system or personal understanding that the views homosexuality as innately wrong, sinful, or unnatural. Due to the fact that are often times not even capable or willing to engage in a reasoned and/or scientific approach to the issue, the term “phobia” has been co-joined with this definition to define the way in which a fearful repulsion of the idea to recluse into their own beliefs with regards to the subject. Whereas broader society has accepted homosexuality to a great degree over the past several decades, homophobes, regardless of race, gender, or level of religious fanaticism, continue to rabidly and vociferously fight against it. But whereas it is not wrong to oppose something based upon grounds of merit, homophobia is in and of itself a pejorative term due to the fact that individuals who espouse such a belief system are necessarily close minded and unwilling to hear the alternate point of view from their own. Perhaps one of the most basic building blocks of society is the definition of masculine and feminine. Although it may seem convenient to assume that these definitions are rigid and solid/unable to be changed, the fact of the matter is that masculinity and femininity are ultimately defined by the societies in which they are evidenced. However, regardless of the trends in masculinity and femininity that are exhibited in societies around the globe, one fundamental aspect remains unchanged. This is of course with relation to what has been termed by sociologists as the male hegemony. In short, male hegemony is a sociological tool by which males have assured there preeminence and hegemonic status within society; necessarily subjugating females to a secondary role and inferior societal position. Whereas one might assume that this only takes place in undeveloped regions of the Third World, the fact of the matter is that male hegemony exists at each and every level of each and every global society. Though great strides have been made within the past several decades to improve the quality of life for women around the globe, hegemonic male action and societal powers that continue to ensure a male oriented world are still very much in place within modern society and continue to uphold the same standards that they did hundreds, even thousands of years ago. Anti-social personality disorder has been defined as “a pervasive pattern of disregard for, and violation of, the rights of others”. Whereas such a disorder is not new to the spectrum of psychiatric issues, a firm and clear understanding of its definition and symptoms has only relatively recently been delineated. Without delving too deeply into the clinical interpretation of this particular disorder, one can come to understand that individuals that experience this are a fundamental threat to the cohesion and operability of greater society. In such a way, diagnosis ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Social Science Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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Social science

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...will be able to know the best approach to help Mrs. Jones continue with her therapy. Moreover, her narrative presents already researched cases of stigma, concordance and compliance, lay beliefs and others can help a doctor to know the best way to handle her case. References Anderson, R. M. (1986) The personal meaning of having diabetes: Implications for patient behaviour and education or kicking the bucket theory, Diabetic Medicine, 3, pp. 85–89. Blaxter, M. (1983) The Causes of disease: women talking, Social Science and Medicine, 17 (2), pp. 59-69. Branch, W. T., Pels, R. J. & Hafler, J. P. (1998) Medical students’ empathic understanding of their patients, Academic Medicine, 73 (4), pp.360–362....
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