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The Culture and Social Structure of an Organization - Essay Example

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Name Instructor Course Date The Culture and social structure of the Church Every community, organization and even family has a culture, which can be defined as the total sum of how people interact with each other and with those outside their group; the rules of social interaction can be either written or unwritten and develop either purely out of chance or intentionally…
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The Culture and Social Structure of an Organization
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Download file to see previous pages It takes a lot of pride in having been in service for over twenty five years and having a big congregation that it ministers to the whole week long not just on Sundays. My church values being able to be reach the world for Christ through transforming the community, transforming the country and impacting nations, this is the slogan that it goes by. Its desire is to encourage everyone by sharing biblical messages and the good news of the risen Christ and also let every person know that God’s love is unconditional and is desire is to have a relationship with each and every person. Over the years, it has been involved in dissemination the Gospel to institutes, infirmaries, reformatories and the community at large (Harmon 5). By taking such steps, its main goal is to ensure that the word of God has been heard by each and every person it can reach. It is a family church, therefore it believes in giving wholesome service to every member of the family, from preaching the Bible to the adults in the main church, to teaching children in Sunday school, it also has separate mass for the teenagers, thus ensuring that everyone has been catered for accordingly. The church has embraced technology by reaching the faithfuls through the social media such as Facebook and Twitter; it also has weekly television broadcasts that help take the message of the Gospel even further. It encourages the congregation to be bold and have faith in its Christian life for this is the only way to be a true witness to others. Although it does not promote condemnation or crucifying of an individual if he/she goes wrong, it does not tolerate people with questionable integrity in its leadership. The leaders are clearly and openly vetted and on ascertaining that they are in line with what is expected of them as leaders in a church, they are then allowed to join the ministry. The impact that the church is having on the community is measured by a number of things; one f them is the attendance, if the congregation is growing, that means that the church is effective in its undertaking. Thus, it is attracting a larger number of people from the community in its endeavor to preach the message of salvation. It always encourages people to share their testimonies, that is, to tell others what the Lord has done in their lives, be it in form of healing from disease or provision, a job and so much more. There are missions that are organized every month for people to go to the community and reach others through works or also in form of crusades. In addition to the Sunday church service, there are other meetings that usually take place in the church during the weekdays, these consist of prayer meetings, Bible Study and also the daily morning devotions, these smaller church services are deemed important in keeping the faithfuls together and nourishing their souls, as it is commonly known that one should not be a Sunday Christian only but an everyday Christian. The greatest behavior that the church tries to cultivate is one of consistency, in that, members of the church are asked to be good to others and be a reflection of God in their homes, workplace and wherever they come into contact with people. It is emphasized that behaving in a manner that suggests otherwise of what is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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