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Discrimination of homosexuality in the traditial black church - Research Paper Example

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One such dilemma is homosexuality. This is a sexual relationship of people of the same gender. Focusing on the traditional black church’s view, homosexuality is not allowed. In the same way, discrimination towards…
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Discrimination of homosexuality in the traditial black church
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Download file to see previous pages They play a very significant role in its genesis and legitimation, as well as reinforce it every week in the black communities. Most of the powerful positions in the Black Church are held by the heterosexual males and females. However, Black Churches that have acknowledged homosexuality have given the gay people non-threatening positions in the Church’s ecclesiastical structure. The traditional black churches treat homosexuality as an unforgivable sin and an abomination, thus being morally wrong and unacceptable. This view is cemented by the black churches that hold a major as well as uniquely influential position within the black culture and society in the United States. They clergy, including Bishop Long and Smith, Pastor Esmery Moss, Danny Holliday, and Janet Boynes among others continue to spread the message of denouncing homosexuality. As for the Black Therefore, the acceptance of homosexuality in the mainstream society by the Black Church together with the community is not likely in the foreseeable future due to hard stands taken by these entities.
The issues of sexual orientation have been prevalent for a very long time. That is why it remains a controversial topic to date. Homosexuality is the sexual attraction towards a person of one’s own gender. In other words, it is primarily a sexual relationship between people of similar sex. There have been varied opinions regarding the issue of homosexuality. The most commonly used terms for homosexual individuals are gay for males and lesbian for females. However, the term gay is often utilized to refer generally to both homosexual males as well as females. Too often, the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people face discrimination and hostility. Discrimination is a harmful reality in any sphere of life. Homosexual discrimination can either be physical or mental. Physically, homosexuality ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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