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Policy frame work - Essay Example

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The other countries that legalized same sex marriages include Netherlands, Belgium and Spain. This step did not please many people in Canada and, many challenges were encountered. Canada in the 70s,…
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Policy frame work
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"Policy frame work"

Download file to see previous pages This law only permitted marriage between two adults of different sex.
(Cbc News, 2007)Argues that in 1965, a young man of 24 years confessed to the police that he had a strong urge for other men and that he had had sexual relationships with other men with fellow men long enough and he wasn’t willing to change .he was viewed as a law offender and was jailed for several years in Canada. In 1967, Pierre Trudeau proposed change on the general outlook of homosexuality in Canada. He wanted homosexuals to be seen as normal people and regarded the idea of the state meddling in the bedrooms of its citizens unnecessary.
In December 16th 1977, Quebec was the first province in Canada to include homosexuality in its code of human rights. By 2001, almost all provinces of Canada except Alberta, island of Prince Edward and territories on the North West abolished criminal charges on homosexuality.
In 1978, a press by the name of Pink Triangle was charged after being found guilty of possessing erotic material “men loving boys and boys loving men” for sale. It took them at least six years to solve this case at the courts and on 15th June 1982, a judge named Thomas Mercer gave a ruling that changed the view of homosexuality. "It is perfectly legal to advocate what in itself would be unacceptable to most Canadians." (Cbc News, 2007)The judge argued.
In 1979, sexual orientation was added to the human rights act of Canada which was spearheaded by Canadian human rights commission. In Feb. 1981, at least 300 men were arrested in a crackdown by the police in Toronto and there was a mass action taken by about3000 people on the streets of Toronto to protest against the arrest.1985 saw the parliamentary committee release a report that stressed equality for all especially to the discriminated homosexuals. Homosexuals were treated with much despise, subjected to physical abuse, psychological oppression, and hate ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Policy Frame Work Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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