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Same-Sex Marriages Should Not Be Allowed in Canada Same-sex marriage is a term that is globally used for a marriage between two people that belong to the same gender biologically that is socially recognized. Majority of the people use the term “gay marriage” for this…
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Debate Paper
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Download file to see previous pages Same-sex marriages raise a lot of issues in the society when analyzed particularly from the sociological perspective. Many people do not have a stance against the legalization of same-sex marriages in Canada. They do not have a positive view of it either; they think that since marriage establishes a relationship between the couple, it does not have any impact on their lives. However, from a sociological perspective, when marriage is redefined so as to include homosexual relationships also in its definition, it affects the society as a whole since marriage has the status of a public institution. One of the major claims raised by the proponents of same sex marriages is that there is no difference in the quality of parenting between same sex marriages and straight marriages. Sociologists Tim Biblarz and Judith Stacey noted in an article published in American Sociological Review in the year 2001 that although outcomes differ to some extent between the children raised under same-sex marriages and straight marriages, the differences are not as substantial as they might be expected by the family sociologists. (Stacey and Biblarz) also asserted that any differences identified may not be necessarily interpreted as deficits. Since then, comparative research on same-sex parenting has created the conventional wisdom that differences in the outcomes between children raised by same-same couples and heterosexual couples are very few. “[A] rapidly growing and highly consistent body of empirical work has failed to identify significant differences between lesbian mothers and their heterosexual counterparts or the children raised by these groups. Researchers have been unable to establish empirically that detriment results to children from being raised by lesbian mother” (Falk 151). Judith Stacey, who has Streisand Professorship in the Studies of Comparative Gender said, “We found that despite the ‘no differences’ mantra, many studies do report evidence of some intriguing differences, and even of some potential advantages of lesbian parenthood…A difference is not necessarily a deficit” (Stacey cited in Silsby). In response to these claims, Mark Regnerus, a Texas based sociologist did a comprehensive research in which a random, large, and national sample was used whose scope was unprecedented compared to all previous research in this area. As a result of his study, Regnerus (2012) reached the conclusion that in a vast majority of cases, children raised in families where the parents have same-sex relationships perform drastically poor compared to children that are raised by their biological parents. An important point to note here is that these findings do not necessarily suggest that same-sex couples are bad at parenting. However, these findings certainly challenge the claim that there exists no difference in the quality of parenting between same-sex marriages and straight marriages. Legalization of same-sex marriage ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Debate Paper Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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