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Japanese Culture: Problems (and Promises) of Technology for Social Life in Japan - Essay Example

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1. Discuss the way in which specific changes in social relationships and communication patterns are the consequence of the adoption of keitai (cell phones) in Japan as discussed in Ito and in lecture…
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Japanese Culture: Problems (and Promises) of Technology for Social Life in Japan
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Download file to see previous pages What exactly does Keitai culture refer to? Mostly the first step of analyzing the definitions of individuals of each portion of phrase in it may demonstrate informative before investigating its perception in a wider context. The term ‘keitai’ is a version in Roman alphabet or better called as romaji of Japanese kanji. The Chinese ideogram conveys the implications of something one can transmit or carry with one person in one’s own hand. In other instances, it is something movable.Keitai is used as in “Keitai Culture”. It is a reduction of long expression in Japanese language which condensed in romaji is ‘keitaidenwa’(Lyon-Bestor, pages 50-60). The ‘Denwa’ interprets into English language as ‘telephone’. The longer version of keitaidenwa is an innate Japanese execution of ‘cellular telephone’ or ‘hand-held’. It later was lessened into English phrase in United States to everyday to short form of ‘cell phone’. It is stimulating to figure out that famous daily usage of the Keitai culture for kanji as for keitai is not rendered every day in a complex version. Rather it is used in a simple katakana script ???? inspite of more accurate ????. This Katana is used as a tool in advertising to focus on a word (Lyon-Bestor, pages 50-60). ...
It is a non-native word loaned from somewhere which further improves the appeal for the consumers. With profound comprehension of origins and meanings of term keitai, we can conclude the new idea of ‘kei-munication’(Murase, pages 8-16). With the advent of keitai, japan has become famous as a ‘thumb-culture’ for most of the people. The thumb tribe or oyayubizoku in relation to the technique of text input into numeric keypad of a handset of keitai. Obviously, handsets give standard symbols to put email therefore giving a ‘foundation for a type of Morse code signal service for Japanese cell-phone fans. Additionally, the owners of keitai use the kaomoji or mostly emotions built with alphanumeric characters to make ‘smiley faces’. These are basically variant from sideways English emoticonism. It is rather concerned with right side up and can give a huge range of these emotions from happiness to confession (Murase, pages 8-16). Complementing kaomoji and symbols on keitai is a drift towards a much shorter version of these abbreviations as in ‘oha’ instead of ‘ohayo gozaimasu’ which means ‘good morning’ in Japanese language. It is an inclination from two thousand national language years of culture which is of great importance to social analysts and Japanese culture. Critics’ advice that ‘mobile communication medium’ has manufactured the dependency of digital keitai addicts. These are the children who can only connect with cutesy pictograms and the shorthand substanceless. The present high cost of Personal Computer and a landline emphasized on providers of Internet service in relation to mobile Internet admission such as the I-mode is making a segment of Japanese adolescents with the typing skills of atrophying ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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