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Every foreign company who wants to reap the benefits of globalization and wants to enjoy the benefits of sunshine markets often go for expansion. Expansion is corporate level strategy which is taken more or less by every company during its life time. …
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RectorSeal Corporation in Japan
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Download file to see previous pages Feasibility study can be defined as a process which enables the company to assess that the project which they are planning to undertake is feasible or not. It includes identifying the problems, opportunities and situations and assesses the benefits as well as the cost involved in the projects. Feasibility study also recommends on the various areas which should be taken care before taking any decision. In this project a feasibility study has been done on the various aspects of the probable expansion of the company in Japan. To analyze whether the company should expand in Japan various parameters have been analyzed. Firstly the history of the probable host company that is Japan’s history in industrial sector have been analyzes. Secondly the political policies regarding the industry have also been analyzed. The industrial sector is influenced by the political changes therefore a study has been made on the political scenario. Along with the political system, the legal, economic and social system of Japan has also been analyzed. The financial dimension that is the banking, currency, accounting policies and foreign trade policies which can influence the company operating in Japan has also been analyzed. ...
The financial dimension that is the banking, currency, accounting policies and foreign trade policies which can influence the company operating in Japan has also been analyzed. Next the cultural aspect of Japan has been analyzed using Hofstede’s model. To suggest on the marketing strategies to be practiced there a thorough study has been made on the present marketing strategies followed in Japan. The human resource dimension including the hiring, training, advancement, compensation and retention practices which are followed in Japan have been made. Apart from the marketing, human resource, financial dimensions environmental scanning a study has been made on the organizational structure of the multinational companies in Japan. After analyzing all the aspects recommendations have been made on the strategies which should be adopted by the RectorSeal Corporation to expand in Japan. 2. Brief overview of the company In this paper, the primary aim is to develop a sustainable international expansion strategy for RectorSeal Corporation. The company aims to enter into the Japanese market by analyzing the viability of the host country. Therefore, it is necessary to assess the international factors of the company to identify its strength for market expansion. RectorSeal Corporation is U.S,-based company privately owned company engaged in the manufacturing multiple chemical used for industrial production. It has been operating in U.S. chemical market since more than 74 years. It was founded in 1937 and has gained a rapid growth acquiring a leading position in the market. In is domestic based company and having its portioning within the national boundaries. The headquarters is situated in the city of Houston, Texas (RectorSeal, 2008). The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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