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Analyze the role of the family as a protector of the modern child through. In your discussion, be sure to discuss tutelary compl - Essay Example

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Subject: Essay, Sociology Date: Topic: Analyze the role of the family as a protector of the modern child…. Historically speaking, the head of the family has mostly been the male. But in the familial perspective, fast developments are taking place and the traditional roles of men and women are being recast and the children are subjected to new modes of governance…
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Analyze the role of the family as a protector of the modern child through. In your discussion, be sure to discuss tutelary compl
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Extract of sample "Analyze the role of the family as a protector of the modern child through. In your discussion, be sure to discuss tutelary compl"

Download file to see previous pages In gender relations woman is the equal partner to man, if not more. The role of women has undergone quick transformation in the family and it has affected children for better or worse. Instead of staying at home to nurse children, own the entire domestic responsibility, and cook for the family without intermission, they go to work, take degrees and diplomas to enhance their academic skills in pursuit of successful careers. To bear a child is the nature-ordained responsibility of a woman, and in case of a working woman, she is expected to return to her place of duty as early as practicable. Normally a woman gets three months’ paid maternity leave. If the career of the woman happens to be more lucrative as compared to the man, the family equations change. If one of them has to resign from the service, or go on long leave paid or unpaid, it is the turn of the man to take up the domestic responsibility, tending the child, cook the dinner and do other allied domestic jobs. The caricature of love, family and parental role is thus recast and the children look forward to the father, as his presence is for a longer duration before them in the domestic environment, as compared to the mother. ...
Most importantly, denial of parental love and lack of cordiality in the familial relationships is their profound loss. Children born outside the institution of marriage Children born impacted by the societal values of the materialistic civilization are not aware of the load of responsibilities they have to carry throughout their life for which they are not responsible. Ellen Key writes, “People have commenced already to experiment with unions outside of marriage. People are looking for new forms for the common life between man and women” (7).The question worth pondering is, men and women have exercised their right of freedom. But how that will affect their children? Does it have the potency to injure their rights and can they command respect in the society as they grow up? Will the children thank the parents for the benign inheritance, or condemn them for their rash act? Ellen Key mentions the consequences of the above-mentioned free union of men and women without the label of marriage, thus: “The duty and responsibility towards the children will be all the more strict as society learns to regard it as one of its principle duties to hinder all thoughtless and undeserved suffering” (43). Advancement in the field of genetic science have endowed unimaginable prowess to the living choice of a woman that she can live without the man for the entire span of her life and she can boast it as her truly liberated, personal life. Without physically copulating, she can bear as many children as she wants. Has this new found freedom for women contributed to overall happiness of woman, man and children? Taking into consideration the ground realities and the current ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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