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RUNNING HEAD: REFLECTION Reflection [Name of Writer] [Name of Institution] Being a student of BSC (Hons) Criminology and Sociology, I decided to write the dissertation on the topic “To what extent do parents have a role to play in the involvement of youth in gangs?…
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Reflection on dissertation
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Download file to see previous pages I went through a number of reasons behind such increasing criminal activities among youth. I looked upon different causes and how they have an impact and play a role to lead the youth towards such criminal activities. So, after going through different aspects that play a role of youth in gangs, I decided to choose how parents are involved in it and what is their role in the involvement of youth in gangs? As this topic was mainly related to my field of study, so I automatically developed an immense interest in it. I already had comprehensive of understanding of various social theories and processes such as social learning theory, social control theory, and social reaction theory. All such theories demonstrate criminality and action of criminals with the perceptive of criminality as social conduct. I choose the degree of BSC (Hons) Criminology and Sociology due to my personal interest in it and hence the topic “To what extent do parents have a role to play in the involvement of youth in gangs?” perfectly relates to my academic and interest. This subject particularly requires human behavioral and psychological skills; why does youth incline towards criminal activities and what is their thinking process behind it. ...
It will be helpful to point out the weaknesses regarding this dissertation and will assist to further improve my skills and avoid the mistakes. It will turn out to be encouraging and supportive for my next research reports. I will further learn how to present my research work to the public and how to convince them. They key requirements can be summarized as: finishing preparation courses and complete Exam Projects, working with Dissertation Advisory Committee, Registering for Dissertation Credit, Identifying a Dissertation Subject, Preparing Prospectus, Defending and Submitting Prospectus, Getting IRB Approval, Carrying out Pilot Study as well as Dissertation Study and Writing Dissertation. Owing to the difficulty and length of this assignment, maintaining the time was very crucial for me. Firstly development in the dissertation was quite sluggish, because of reservations about the topic and the requirement to lessen the range of the subject. Nevertheless, as the assignment made progress, I had to make a policy to come up with an austere timetable in an attempt to make sure that the work would be finished within the targeted time duration. A number of the tasks took quite longer time and struggle opposite to my expectations; so differences from a planned timetable did happen. Due to such reasons, I had to concentrate more on qualitative work rather than quantitative work. However, next time, I would make sure that a suitable eventuality strategy or preparation was in place to make certain that any holdup in carrying out project was accounted for. Another problem when carrying out this task was sticking to the word count. A huge amount of study was carried out and the selected topic had a wide scope which brings about going beyond the word count. In order to save ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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