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Feminism is Redundant in Contemporary Society - Essay Example

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The paper "Feminism is Redundant in Contemporary Society" offers the idea that the society is grossly saturated with feminine elements. Definitions, objectives are oriented along the demands of the female gender and that seek transform the contemporary society into a feminism oriented society…
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Feminism is Redundant in Contemporary Society
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Extract of sample "Feminism is Redundant in Contemporary Society"

Download file to see previous pages This assertion may be visualized via the evaluation of the systemic of operations that are witnessed in a significant proportion of a leading organization. The idea of incorporating or the pursuit of activities that steer towards the accomplishment of the international trend is quite common (Arvanitakis, 2009). On that note, the demands of logics seem to compel such organizations to sink by the trends, and embrace the culture on adoption (Sloshberg, 1978). This description assists in identifying the arm-twisting forces that assist in the determination of the decision partaken by an organization. However, the primary discussion focused on the feminism development in the contemporary society. The link between these two sub-entries may be identified via the visualization of feminism as an arm-twisting condition. This is based on the prospect upon which the promotion of the idea is achieved. Interrogation of the appropriate channels that promote the opinion of feminism may assist in the identification of the driving force behind the development.
It is apparent that the utilization of female based agendas in the realization of various economic based decisions has rocked the contemporary world. Such methodologies have sought to focus on issues such gender parity, the unequivaled representation of members of the female gender into various forums, as well as their representation in non elective positions. These agendas have been ensilaged in the constitution, as well as in other essential documents of governance. (Howie & Schedler, 1995). Their incorporation implies that the developmental procedures upon which documents were incorporated was rather oriented increasingly saturated with the efforts of achieving these ambitions. A reflection on yet another effective additive of the contemporary world indicates an increased preference of feminism based content (Turner, 2005). On reference is the contemporary society media, a platform that is tasked with the dispensation of the information as well as entertainments. However, a significant percentage of the context is based or conveyed by the lenses of feminism. This can be captured in form of advertisements or the content on display. The increased saturation of a wide variety of female products in the market implies that they proceed to dictate the terms of time quantification tasked for promotions. This is also evident in many fashion shops. The robust involvement of feminism into the contemporary day media can be described to match the descriptions accorded to the two genders. The assertion that is quantified along this line of description is that the female gender is considered as the fairer gender (Dirks, Eley & Ortner, 1994). The implication of such quantification includes the assertions that point on the increased dominance of feminism based visualizations in the media. In addition, there are increased prospects of allowing feminism ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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