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Women, Work and Class - Assignment Example

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Hegemonic masculinity. Segregation in society has been prevalent from historic times. It is a taken for granted approach in society that the masculine gender will make all kinds of decisions with the expectation that the other gender will abide by those decisions. However, masculinity represents power not only of any men but white men that too those who leadership positions in the society…
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Women, Work and Class
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Download file to see previous pages However, masculinity represents power not only of any men but white men that too those who leadership positions in the society. Hegemonic masculinity represents power that is attributed to men in high positions and such power is taken for granted whenever any man holds a certain position in the society. Hegemonic masculinity “legitimates the power of those who embody it” (Acker, 2006, p.82). In essential, hegemonic masculinity can be associated with violent acts like using violence for colonial conquests. In modern capitalism, violence is often masked by objective conditions like top managers in any organization can fire employees to increase profits thus creating unemployment (Acker, 2006, p.83). Hegemonic masculinity represents a country’s culture and heritage and this can be different in each country. Acker (2006) has given the example of Swedish banks trained and ambitious men in high positions give more priority to making profits than satisfying the needs of the customers (Acker, 2006, p.84). Hegemonic masculinity is the power bestowed on men in position, and in the real sense it gives men in authority to use their power to bring positive changes in the society. Political leaders of a country can use the power bestowed on them to promote goodwill and harmony with other countries. 2. Means of provisioning In economic perspective, class differentiation is based on access of means of provisioning and survival. In a capitalistic society, production process and finances are executed with the objective of maximizing profit. Therefore, although some classes are provided with maximum resources, there are other classes whose production and resource accumulation capacities are undermined. Education and community play an important role in access to provisions, because these factors contribute towards “finding paid job at living wages” (Acker, 2006, p.55). Those who have control over production jobs receive highest returns in the field of distribution. An economic structure of a nation is formed on the basis of distribution of provisions i.e. necessary supplies like food and clothing needed for survival. Provisioning occurs through paid or unpaid method of production, and distribution of results of production like wages and profits. Provisioning also affects gender and race. Many employees hire male workers in skilled trades or specific racial people for menial jobs for lower wages (Acker, 2006, p.170). However, with increase of service sector jobs, women labour is increasing thus making women breadwinners for families (Acker, 2006, p.172). Acker (2006) has given the example of housewife who does unpaid work of maintaining family. She has little control over means of provisions since she is dependent for provisions on others who are engaged in production and distribution processes (Acker, 2006, p.63). Today, education has become universal and also with increased job opportunities for all gender and races, power over means of provisioning is no more restricted to specific gender or race. Therefore, by contribution towards provisioning it is possible for any individual to become a significant shaper of a nation’s economy. 3. Corporate nonresponsibility Corporate nonresponsibility emphasizes the role of household women in the field of care and survival. This concept actually moves the responsibility of those with power and wealth and shifts it to women from poor and minority communities. It devalues their position but they are bound by responsibilities to take care of their lives and lives of others (Acker, 2006, p.9) Nonresponsibility can be turned to globalization processes. The scopes for profit and production without challenges to nonresponsibility act as encouraging factors for shifting production from ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Women, Work and Class Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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