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In Which Ways Do Feminists Take Relations Between Men And Women To Be Uequal - Essay Example

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This article stresses the relevance of feminine as a social group for economic class and women movements that are challenging the male domination. The divide has been blamed for the creation of the gender inequality. …
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In Which Ways Do Feminists Take Relations Between Men And Women To Be Uequal
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Extract of sample "In Which Ways Do Feminists Take Relations Between Men And Women To Be Uequal"

Download file to see previous pages The culturally instituted gender ideologies continually define the responsibilities and rights that are appropriate for both men and women in the society. Such ideologies influence the access and control over resources and participation in making decisions on matters of development. In essence, these gender ideologies usually reinforce male dominance and the idea of women’s inferiority.
In conclusion, it can be stated that several feminist have worked hard by publishing articles, books, and other journals to argue their cases regarding unequal treatment of women because of their gender. Cultural factors can be blamed as one of the major factors that have purported the masculine authority over the feminine. However, some of the feminists have believed that women are naturally created to be in the private divide because of their reproduction nature. Women give birth and thus get tasked with the responsibility of childrearing at home. This natural phenomenon provides men with the freedom to explore the public divide by looking for jobs and becoming the breadwinners of the family. Such situations make men be dictators since they have economic power in the traditional nuclear family. To come out of the private divide, women must endeavor to start being autonomous by selecting their careers well to fit in the job market. Political, social and economic powers held by an individual shall ultimately lead to self-autonomy; therefore, women should strive to achieve those elements of power. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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In Which Ways Do Feminists Take Relations Between Men And Women To Be Essay.
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