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Provision of security is usually entrusted to the government. The assumption is that the state should protect its citizens from internal…
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Feminism and International Security
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Download file to see previous pages In the face of increased security threats emanating from terror activities and techno wars, feminist voices have risen to demand for inclusion of women in international security systems. This study seeks to investigate the relationship between feminism and international security. This will be done by answering the question: what is the impact of feminism on international security? A comprehensive analysis of different literature on studies done on feminism and international security will be conducted so as to shed more light on this issue.
(Blanchard 70-119), discusses the functions of feminist scholarship in international security by reviewing feminist literature on international relations. According to the study, feminists in the international relations have not put adequate focus on the issue of military hardware leading to scanty information on war, gender and technology understudied. The study also notes the importance of inclusion of women in security matters by analyzing the practical aspect of feminist security theory in the combating global insecurity. According to Blanchard, international relations; the body of discipline tasked with theorizing the world only created a place for feminist analysts just recently. This could be the reason behind the few female led academic studies and findings on topics relating to politics, military and war issues. The fact that foreign policy and military affairs have been mostly conducted by men, the academic discipline tasked with analyzing this two areas have become largely masculine. The assumptions, explanations and experiences focus on men making it difficult for women to find scholarly materials on women experiences.
According to (Pettman 19-56), historically women have played second fiddle to men in the decision making process on the global platform. Women have continually been rendered insecure through acts of sexual violence, gendered division of labour and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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