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The Glass Ceiling:Are Women Treated Differently - Assignment Example

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This assignment demonstrates the concept of 'glass ceiling', and the role of women in the workplace. This paper outlines the glass ceiling, the status of women in the workplace, the facts agreed that women are mistreated and not mistreated in the workplace…
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The Glass Ceiling:Are Women Treated Differently
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Download file to see previous pages This essay will discuss the debate about the discrimination and mistreatment of women, particularly in the workplace, as emphasized by the notion of the glass ceiling. In order to do this, I will discuss the influence of traditional gender stereotypes and the false impression of equality to provide support for the argument that women are indeed mistreated in the workplace; and the stories and characteristics of women who become successful in the corporate world, and the true origin of the glass ceiling, if gender-based or policy-initiated, to substantiate the claim that the glass ceiling has been broken and that women are actually treated well and respected in the corporate world.
Traditional gender stereotypes have historically positioned women in a child-rearing, nurturing, passive and subservient role whereas men are perceived as the governing, more forceful gender. Self-assured and aggressive behaviors of the males are regarded as more important due to its attributes of objectivity, lack of prejudice, and focus toward analytical work or problem-solving. Traditional views of males indicate they are more appropriate to managerial and executive positions than females due to their leadership orientation. Men seem to be more commanding or domineering whereas women go for a more involved and compassionate approach. Further traditional or stereotypical perspectives on the variation men and women are seen from a psychoanalytical point of view in a current commentary in the American Psychologist by the well-known Harry Levinson. As Levinson states, the male focus and orientation are characterized as incursion and drive against the female orientation of participation and environment. The entire psychology of management is all about self-assured approach and power; either to be on the top or on the bottom, defenseless, reliant and exploited (Coyne et al., 2004).
Gender discrimination frequently prohibits women from management and executive positions.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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