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Do women obtain less higher end/ managerial jobs then men Has it become easier for women to obtain managerial jobs now than in - Research Paper Example

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Instructor name Date The Glass Ceiling for Women Does Not Exist It is no easier for a woman to obtain managerial jobs today than in the 70's. It is more common and more acceptable as a result of evolution of society but the barrier to high end employment has been and is a myth…
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Do women obtain less higher end/ managerial jobs then men Has it become easier for women to obtain managerial jobs now than in
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"Do women obtain less higher end/ managerial jobs then men Has it become easier for women to obtain managerial jobs now than in"

Download file to see previous pages Forty years after women on the whole became more career oriented, they are today as likely as men to assume the head position of businesses, right on schedule. It is only reasonable to expect that there was a gender discrepancy among the top jobs in the beginning years of the historic redefinition of roles that originated in the early 1970’s. The feminist movement acted to end the perception that women’s place was in the home but this perception has been all but eradicated. The ‘glass ceiling’ never existed and certainly does not today. It isn’t ‘easier’ for women just more ordinary. A study which surveyed nearly 900 companies of various sizes found that about half reported that it was at least somewhat likely its next CEO would be of the female gender. This would not have been the case 40 years ago when women, driven by economic necessity, began to enter the workforce in larger numbers. Some have attempted to justify the concept of the glass ceiling for a several reasons. The argument supposes that men, much more so than women, are willing to completely submerse themselves in their work. Men will more readily dedicate their life to overseeing both the short-term and long-run needs of an organization. This viewpoint speculates that women, on the other hand, would be less likely to sacrifice the loss of time spent with family or in the pursuit of leisure activities. It also relies on studies that have found that, on average, women are less likely to accept jobs that require the additional time a longer commute entails than are men. This is largely due to time constraints in balancing career and parental responsibilities. This can impact on women’s pay in that they have a statistically smaller pool of jobs from which to choose. Also, the more women wanting work in the same location near to where they live correlates to lower wages for those fewer jobs However, studies indicate women as well as men are equally likely to abandon ambitious business careers in favor of the less materialistic rewards that are presented by flexibility in their work schedules. This allows the individual to invest more time in raising the family and participate in leisure activities. (McNutt, 2002). Despite all evidence to the contrary, the myth of the glass ceiling persists and has progressed to the point of being widely espoused and accepted as fact, but the facts have changed over the past three decades. According to a nationwide survey, today, women are paid between 95 and 98 percent the rate of their male counterparts. The often cited statistic which alludes to women earning only 75 percent of what men are paid was recently ‘substantiated’ by the Women’s Policy Research in association with the AFL-CIO. The combined study included only woman aged 50 and older, the majority of which were less educated then their male colleagues. When today’s 20 year-olds are in their 50’s, this will not be the case, quite the opposite. As opposed to the ‘disco era,’ now, the majority of associate, bachelor and master degrees are awarded to women. Forty percent of doctorate degrees are accepted by women. This illustrates again how the times have changed but the arguments supporting the existence of glass ceiling have not (McNutt, 2002). Other studies have determined that women, across the board, receive about three-quarters what ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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