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The Hillary Clinton - Sara Palin SNL Skit in Relation to Post Feminism - Essay Example

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The paper "The Hillary Clinton - Sara Palin SNL Skit in Relation to Post Feminism" states that although the skit was highly successful on many levels, most of us remember it because of the way that the said skit portrayed two different types of post-feminist ideologies…
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The Hillary Clinton - Sara Palin SNL Skit in Relation to Post Feminism
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Extract of sample "The Hillary Clinton - Sara Palin SNL Skit in Relation to Post Feminism"

Download file to see previous pages Post-feminist ideologies set back the feminist cause by a number of years due to the way the satire has become not only a part of pop culture but a part of the ideology of our society. That is why I am writing this paper with the full intention of exposing the damage done by the skit to the post-feminist ideologies and the various ways that feminism is portrayed in the political arena. My main argument is that the show has done irreparable damage to the image of women as future political leaders of the world in ways that one could never have imagined to be possible. It was Durham and Keller who mentioned the relation of media to popular culture in their book Media and Cultural Studies: Keywords. They explained that: “Forms of media culture like television film, popular music, magazines, and advertising provide role and gender models, fashion hints, lifestyle images, and icons of personality. The narratives of media culture offer patterns of proper and improper behavior, moral messages, and ideological conditioning, sugar coating social and political ideas with pleasurable and seductive forms of popular entertainment” (Durham & Keller, xv). Anybody who watched the SNL skit of Sara Palin and Hillary Clinton as portrayed by Tina Fey and Amy Pohler respectively will acknowledge that the words of Durham and Keller ring true and bright in our current media settings. In fact, this skit is the clearest example of the methods by which television as a media culture has not only created a patter of improper behavior and moral messages. They managed to make fun of one woman, while clearly exalting the other in what turned out to be a simultaneous process for the two actors.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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