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The outcomes, more particularly with regards to the candidacy of the top office in the land, however, suggest the manifestations…
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W2D 590 Senator Hillary Clinton
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Woman President: Gender verses Leadership in the United s Details: al Affiliation: Submission
Woman President: Gender verses Leadership in the United States
The binary that separates the male and female leadership in the United States seems blurred, with no distinctive definition of the explicit traits. The outcomes, more particularly with regards to the candidacy of the top office in the land, however, suggest the manifestations of an otherwise stereotypical myth that have guided the same for decades. Like the adages stumbled upon on everyday usage of language, the presidential candidacy of Senator Hillary Clinton only managed to shake a foundation too strong for a single punch. Right from the mainstream media analyses to first-hand accounts of the perceptive attitudes of the general electorate, Clinton’s presidential bid brought to the fore the indelible colored nature of the expectations that majority of Americans have about their diversity. That even though she, Hillary Clinton, possessed some of the stereotypically masculine character traits associated with leadership positions such as being assertive, competitive, and even aggressive in a measurable way to those of the opposite gender, the ballot verdict was expressive: she was still not good enough to Take Charge, beyond the conventional nurturing and collaborative role (Drexler, 2014).
One of the first female personalities to strongly seek for the oval office, Clinton was not only going to be discussed and dissected for her results, but also on the basis of the conventional gender roles. Indeed as expected, she is often described as empathetic and a good listener (Wolvin, 2005); qualities that befits her as a mother besides other traits include her hardworking nature. Chris Matthews, a host on MSNBC, however, went as far as pegging her national status not because of her very inner personality but on the husband; a clear indication of how far tradition still creeps in to influence American leadership (Sheckels, 2009).
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campaign for presidency (Ed.). Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.
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W2D 590 Senator Hillary Clinton Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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