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Life Span Development and Personality Paper on President William Bill Clinton [Author’s Name] Heredity and environment influence on a person On the basis of many works and studies it is evident that the activities and achievements of different Presidents are compared to their psychological development…
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Life Span Development and Personality Paper on president william bill clinton
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Download file to see previous pages This personality is rather controversial but there is no doubt that Bill Clinton is a popular President of the American nation. It is evident that a boy from an ordinary family, who lived an ordinary life managed to succeed in his political career. He was not subjected to degrading practices of the streets. He was interested in doing his best and studying. His life is a challenging puzzle, but it is evident that this man was not subjected to the negative influence, but, as a matter of fact he succeeded and became a strong and a successful President. Family influence Bill's father died and his stepfather was rather cruel person. In childhood Bill experienced domestic violence and cruel behavior of his stepfather. Nevertheless, Bill Clinton took a surname of his stepfather and he respected this man in spite of all negative scenes he saw. When President John F. Kennedy (1917–1963) met Bill Clinton, it was a remarkable event in the life of a boy, who wanted to have a career in politics. At college Clinton was an active participant in the movement against the Vietnam War. In October 11, 1975, Clinton married Hillary Rodham. In 1978 Clinton became the youngest governor of the state. At first he did not succeed in his practice as the governor. He tried to introduce unpopular practices. Nevertheless, Clinton was much concerned about social reforms, health care programs etc. He cared about national politics. He showed his openness to people and wanted to be helpful to every person on the Earth. Clinton wrote his autobiography "My Life" and there are a lot of examples illustrating empathy and it is the central concept in his political career. There is the following claim about political relation between family life of Clinton and his career: " his parents who took Family and Medical Leave to care for sick children to the countless people he met on his infamous jogs, Clinton's own account of his presidency focused heavily on the empathetic relationships he fostered with the nation's citizen. Early in his presidential tenure, Clinton enlarged the White House's casework operation because the personal nature of his 1992 campaign drastically increased the number of citizens who reached out to him for help" (Shogan, 2009). Therefore, we can see that there is a stable relation between the American society and Bill Clinton. Theories of personality The first theory to be applied to analysis of Clinton's personality is Extraversion. He loves attention very much and he wanted to be presented to the audience as a gorgeous personality. Clinton has always been focused on his final goal of achievement (Fick, 1998). He knew that it was necessary to become a dutiful person, cautious and a deliberate one. Nevertheless, Clinton can easily lose control, but it does not characterize more than his impatient nature. Clinton can experience negative emotions, but he manages to direct these emotions to creations of political practices and theories. He is also much considered about openness of his practices and activities. Theoretical approach Basically Clinton can be described as an ambitious person. This claim can be proven in the following way: he shows a high degree of competitiveness, charm and cleverness. Some other common features relevant to Clinton can be found in peculiar characteristics of extraverted individuals. From this ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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