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America a Concise History Presidents Clinton and Bus - Essay Example

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This paper "America a Concise History Presidents Clinton and Bus" briefly describes main events and thoughts about the history of America midst 90s and early 2000s, emphasising the presidency of Clinton and Bus in particular…
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America a Concise History Presidents Clinton and Bus
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"America a Concise History Presidents Clinton and Bus"

Download file to see previous pages It is a common issue to come across many nations making policy recommendations on how to structure tax system to ensure the government operates efficiently. There was the raging debate of effecting tax cut on the middle class so that the economic burden may be lifted on this section of the economic and social stratification of US population. This was a critical reform which was running parallel with the promise of reducing the budget deficit to ensure that US was in the right trace for economic prosperity (Henretta & Edwards, 2012) . This was fairly tricky as the small factions of former soviet were forming states and required support which would consolidate US power in better parts of Europe and parts of Asia. The Middle East problems had equally began to boil and Clinton had to come up with the best approach to prove to the world American’s effort towards stabilizing the region against the backdrop of the growing tension and impending economic explosion.
What are key features of George W. Bush’s presidency during the 2000s?
Unites States situation in respect of social, economic and political policies faced several hurdles during the 2000s under the presidency of George W. Bush. It is during this time that the world had begun to put US on focus regarding its international policies on socio-economic and political policies. Bush inherited several challenges that were left unresolved by the past regime and he stood the test to bring confidence to the US citizens. His greatest policy concerned international relations o cement the power of US in dictating the economic direction of the entire world against increasing opposition from the discontented Middle east leaders like Saddam Hussein of Iraq. Bush administration was overwhelmed by the spirit of effecting globalization across the world to boost the overall welfare of the Americans and influence several decisions of the US congress on foreign policies (Henretta & Edwards, 2012). One issue that cover the better part of media reports during Bush leadership was the Middle East crisis and threaten economic problem this situation meant for the US. Bush is considered one of the ferocious and courageous leaders in US history who made radical decisions on how to tame the issues in Middle East and this was commenced by hunting Saddam Hussein and capturing him in a bid to plant sober political structure in Iraq. A solution to Iraq problems which was assumed to be emanating from inhuman ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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