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While it can be said that this is a tight presidential race without a likely winner at the moment, the same should not be said for Clinton. That is because it is not her first time to vie for the American Presidency having already lost to Obama in the 2008 Democrats Primaries. …
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Hillary Clinton and the Presidential Race
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The Democratic Primaries, in accordance with the election precepts in the US, always start in start in the states of Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina (Andrews, Bennet, & Parlapiano, 2015). The choice to analyze these three states is dependent on several factors. On the instance, they offer an early gauge on the strategies that are used by a political team (Lau & Pomper, 2004). Though there are the instances in which candidates have lost in these states and later recovered to win the primaries, most candidates do scheme to win here. That is because early wins bolsters plans and quivers opponents by creating the impression of a likely overall win. However, in the instances in which a candidate fails to win in these states, they always have the time to strategize and remodel their campaigns (Medvic, 2011). These two projections justify the choice on the three states as it is from whence that a campaign is dearly molded and catapulted for either a win or a loss (Coleman, Cantor, & Neale, 2001).
Besides, New Hampshire and Iowa have largely been credited for their electoral independence. That implies that winning the electorate in these states a challenge to most of the candidates. According to Hart (2001), political strengths are majorly gauged by the manners in which candidates overcome challenges. Choosing these states was, therefore, also based on the objective of quantifying the Hillary’s ability to overcome political manacles. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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