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Same-Sex Marriage, Social Cohesion, and Canadian Values: A Media Analysis - Research Paper Example

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 This article seeks to address issues that relate to social cohesion, national identity, and national values in Canada. The article analyses the content of Canadian newspaper coverage on the issue of same-sex marriage during the debate between September 2003 and the federal election of June 2004.  …
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Same-Sex Marriage, Social Cohesion, and Canadian Values: A Media Analysis
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Extract of sample "Same-Sex Marriage, Social Cohesion, and Canadian Values: A Media Analysis"

Download file to see previous pages The article recognizes the Canadian court decision of June 10, 2003, that legalized same-sex marriages in Canada as the federal government sought to affirm homosexual marriages across the US. The article equally states that only larger newspapers operating according to a variety of models cover same-sex marriage issues in Canada through this issue influences values and identity. Moreover, the article establishes that some of the relationships drawn between same-sex marriage and Canadian values were inconsistent. This article is relevant for this study in that it addresses the issue of reporting, debates, and the social perception of same-sex marriages. Moreover, the article significantly manifests some of the court decisions that define same-sex marriages in Canada and U.S by extension. The article portrays how same-sex marriages affect social cohesion, national identity, and national values in Canada thus manifesting it as a social issue in America. Notably, the article is up-to-date and is on a scholarly journal, which derives great authority in the academic world. More so, the author used a simple and clear language, which is easy to understand. Additionally, the study in the article derives findings that relate to our study and hence its relevance to this study. Lax, Jeffrey R., and Justin H. Phillips. "Gay Rights in the States: Public Opinion and Policy Responsiveness." The American Political Science Review 103.3 (2009): 367-86. This source analyzes the effects of policy-specific public opinion on policies relating to gays and lesbians rights. Additionally, the source addresses the factors that influence public opinion on gays and lesbians rights. The source equally reckons that there have been debates and battles for gay rights at public forums, sub-national level- in legislatures, and at the courtrooms as well as direct democracy campaigns. The authors establish that gay and lesbian rights manifest in the recent political conflict in the United States, and they had an impact in the 2004 presidential election in America. Moreover, the source seeks to show how struggles over minority rights affect the fight for gay rights. At the same time, the source addresses the eight policies that relate to the gay rights movement which include civil unions, hate crimes laws, same-sex marriage, employment, and housing non-discrimination laws, and adoption by gay parents. It also explains how various states respond to gay rights. Indeed, this source is relevant to this study. It is clear that the source is up-to-date and is on a scholarly journal, which derives great authority in research. Additionally, the source uses the simple and clear English language, which is easy to understand. More so, the inquiries on this source relate to our study and hence its relevance for this study. In addition, the source addresses the public opinion on gay rights and the factors that influence public opinion in this context. Moreover, the source discusses the various debates and battlefronts for fighting for gay rights as well as their influence on American politics. As such, this source is significant to our study.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Same-Sex Marriage, Social Cohesion, and Canadian Values: A Media Research Paper.
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