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Discuss the differences between youth and adult custody in England and Wales. AND Critically analyse whether youth custody can b - Essay Example

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Title: Youth and Adult Custody in England and Wales Introduction: Considering the criminal justice system in England and Wales, it has been observed that the system experiences huge pressure and there are huge demands that the system has to encounter. The population in prisons also reflects significant increase over the years…
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Discuss the differences between youth and adult custody in England and Wales. AND Critically analyse whether youth custody can b
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Extract of sample "Discuss the differences between youth and adult custody in England and Wales. AND Critically analyse whether youth custody can b"

Download file to see previous pages However, in the recent times youth crimes have increased significantly thus bringing out a focus on youth custody comparing it to the adult custody. The present study focuses on the differences between youth and adult custody in England and Wales and tries to determine whether youth custody can be said to be effective. Adult and Youth Custody in England and Wales: One of the major differences that have been obtained in the adult and youth custody in England and Wales involve the availability of an appropriate adult for the criminals. An appropriate adult has the responsibility to work as a defender or protector for the defenseless individuals involved in a crime and hence put under custody. The Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 have created this role for the criminals under custody and an appropriate adult is supposed to be called for any vulnerable youth or adult. For the youth, local authorities or the youth offending teams have been given the statutory responsibilities by the Act to ensure for the availability of the appropriate adults for the youths under custody. Contrary to this, for the adults, there are no particular responsibilities for statutory authorities to provide the appropriate adults to the adults under custody. ...
Although education is supposed to be provided to the youths under custody, but in most cases the youth custodies have failed to be successful in providing such needed education to the offenders. The costs in some of the youth custodies are around ?200,000 which in many cases can be said to be higher than the costs of sending a child to a school. Still the custodies are unable to provide the youths with the proper education and hence they end up being reoffended. The facility for education is a major concern for the youth custodies and not for the adult custodies with an intention to send the youths back to normal lives or schooling and training (Travis 2013). The sentences for the adult prisoners are much severe as against the youth offenders. Population in the adult custody has been rising increasingly over the years with their sentences being for longer periods of time. In case of the adults the custody, in severe cases, is meant as the last resort for the offenders. While on the other hand, the youth custody is meant for correcting the young offenders such that they can live their normal lives when they are released in the society. Thus the differences lie with the concerns in regard to the adult and youth custody (Hough, Jacobson and Millie 2003). In case of the adult custody it can be said that the crime committed needs to be judged and accordingly the custody is determines keeping in focus the rising population in the prisons. In case of the youths, however, the concern is more to correct them, which in many cases have proved to be failures in England and Wales. Thus the problems encountered by the justice system in regard to the adult and the youth custodies are significantly different. This also takes into consideration the difference in the expenditures ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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