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Why men cheat on women - Essay Example

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Name: Date: Why men cheat on women? Introduction There are several reasons for men to cheat women. However, the involvement of the woman in a man’s life has a significant role in such cheating. …
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Why men cheat on women
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Download file to see previous pages Therefore, it is important for a woman to keep the man in her life, completely satisfied, emotionally and otherwise. Else, the man has a reason to cheat on his woman. Some of these reasons are elaborated below. What men desire Although, man’s desire leads to cheating, this has nothing to do with the women partners. Male hormones and upbringing is responsible for them to seek variety and novelty. However, this urge has a direct relationship with the age of man. The younger men would prefer to have romantic and sexual relation with a number of women, as they crave for different tastes. But, with the onset of maturity this desire decreases. As men desire to be liked by women, they feel that this is the way they can express their superiority, within the social circle. The urge for men, to experience the pleasure of having sex with different women, is one of the major reasons for such cheating. However, women cannot help them much, in changing such habits. Sexual compatibility The poor performance of women in bed could be the reason for men to look for another partner. Sex, being a very private and sensitive issue, needs equal and active participation by both partners. When a female partner does not feel equally excited in bedroom, the male would think her to be frigid. The romantic environment in the bed can be ruined by a woman who shows slightest hesitation, while participating in the sexual act. This cannot be compromised by the beauty of face or body, as men want the ultimate action.(Top Three Reasons Men Cheat ). Challenge satisfies male ego Men love challenges, from their early childhood. This is related to their growth in a different cultural and emotional environment. During childhood, male and female children love to play differently. While male children would be excited to win a challenging video game, female child would like to play with her doll, in a sober manner. This attitude of men relates to their male ego. During adulthood, men prefer to show their male charisma to women. This makes them seek more female partners, as the increased number of the same would mean satisfying the male ego, increasingly. Similarly, men feel more satisfied at the fact that they have the ability of attracting another female, although they try to forget the guilt of cheating involved in this act. Managing different women, in and outside the bedroom, gives men a feeling of winning the adult game that may support their self-esteem. Men also would like to boast about their ability to have multiple partners, when discussing such issues among friends.(Denio) Emotional dissatisfaction Men may not like to express it, but they expect their women folk appreciating them, while they execute different jobs in an excellent manner. Although females are supposed to be more emotional and sensitive, male species are equally sensitive. However, their ego stops them to express their feelings, particularly when they are hurt. On the other hand they feel delighted and esteemed when the women express feelings of affirmation for their male partner. Women, at the same time, are quick to understand the inner feelings of men. Hence, creating an atmosphere of mutual appreciation can work wonders for the marital relationships. Accordingly, this reason for cheating by men could be abolished, easily. (Yorio, 1) Romancing at office When men lack the emotional satisfaction, as detailed above, they seek to fill this gap, by building romantic relationship at the workplace. Since office provides the kind of atmosphere that is similar to home, in terms of association and time, men find it easier to share their feelings with a female colleague at the office. In the process, men try to attract and gain sympathy of the woman concerned. This ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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