Conflict Resolution: A Case Study - Essay Example

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Conflict is a state of unresolved differences within an individual, between individuals, between an individual and a group, or between groups. This essay therefore, explores a specific conflict between employees in the same workplace, its analysis, and possible resolution…
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Conflict Resolution: A Case Study
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Download file to see previous pages SStephanie is my friend. She is beautiful, and had just graduated from the university with her first degree. A popular banking company immediately hired her as a graduate management trainee. Being new in her professional, Stephanie’s responsibilities in the company were many, thus, she interacted with many employees from different departments. However, barely a month on the job, one male employee, ‘Lucas,’ started to show interest in Stephanie. Although Lucas did not tell her, Stephanie sensed this, but ignored it, and maintained minimal interaction with Lucas.At the end of the year, the company invited Stephanie to the end of year dinner with other employees. Before the end of the party, Stephanie received a call on her cell, and since it was noisy inside, she went outside to receive the call. However, without Stephanie’s knowledge, a drunk Lucas had slowly followed her outside. After hanging up, Lucas approached Stephanie aggressively and made a sexual advance toward her. Amid the confusion, Stephanie told Lucas off before walking back inside. She picked her clutch bag and informed a few colleagues that she had something important to attend to, then left the dinner party. The next time Stephanie reported to work, she was uncertain about Lucas, as he was a supervisor, though Stephanie did not report to him. She, therefore, thought that Lucas would find ways of firing her, and this made her fearful. However, when Lucas saw Stephanie, he was genuinely apologetic, and regretted his misconduct. With this apology, Stephanie was content, and changed her mind about informing her supervisor about the incident, and thought this would also protect her from negative attention.
However, what became annoying to Stephanie is that Lucas apologized for the incident every time he met Stephanie. Stephanie asked him to stop ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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