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Do existing social policies and social services in HK discriminate against new arrivals from Minland China - Essay Example

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Table of Contents Table of Contents 1 Does the existing social policy in HK discriminate against new arrivals from Mainland China? 2 Individualism and post-structuralism 2 HKSAR, Creation of employment opportunities, and the media 3 Neo-liberalism 4 Arrivals from mainland 4 Power is everywhere 5 HKSAR 6 CSSA program 6 HKCSS 7 Social work procedures before handover by the British 7 Impact of immigration 8 Social policy 8 Criticism to the social policy; racial discrimination 9 Conclusion 12 References 12 Does the existing social policy in HK discriminate against new arrivals from Mainland China?…
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Do existing social policies and social services in HK discriminate against new arrivals from Minland China
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Extract of sample "Do existing social policies and social services in HK discriminate against new arrivals from Minland China"

Download file to see previous pages Moreover, the government discouraged the charity and religious organizations from funding social service in Hong Kong. Individualism and post-structuralism The present state of culture is uneven. The struggle for control and resources has caused the social culture to develop unnecessary rivalry. Political neutrality has been breached in Hong Kong especially after the hand over by the British. The policy in Hong Kong seems to acknowledge political neutrality on the paper but not in reality. The mainland Chinese are discriminated because of fear of backlash politically. The influx is leading to competition for jobs and social services. Locals believe that the rising levels of joblessness are being caused by the increase in mainlanders. Power struggles in Hong Kong makes equality difficult (Knowles & Harper, 2009). The locals believe that mainlanders can take the political power and eventually take over the entire city. In a bid to retain power and control, the locals propagate discrimination among the ethnic minorities and Chinese from the mainland (Robinson, 2001). The social policy and delivery of services has been marked with instability and inconsistency. Minorities have been targeted and the atmosphere created by the British is fast waning. Individualism has been propagated because the self is perceived to be a coherent entity in the society. Delivery of services is dependent on the level on social and economic strata. The natives identify themselves as more deserving and ruling elites. This has fueled selfishness and individualism. HKSAR, Creation of employment opportunities, and the media The media has a central role in the reduction of discrimination. Awareness compaigns that be ran to expose the extreme discrimination and promote equity among the societies in Hong Kong. State and private media should be allowed to function without control from the local authorities. There has been an increase in social welfare (Alan, 2008). The initiatives have increased unemployment. The policy makers are emphasizing on job placements and conventional policies that shall encourage inclusiveness (Tang, 2006). The political system in the city is being structured to facilitate the social welfare. Most of the power elites in Hong Kong are chosen from business community. This has increasingly led to business friendly norms and lessened social discrimination (Chu, 2005). This is expected to increase jobs and reduce discrimination. There has been increased movement from Hong Kong to mainland as people continue to search for jobs. This has led to cross boarder social challenges like separation in families. Hong Kong teenagers can cross the border and access cheap drugs (Alan, 2008). This has been attributed to the number of Hong Kong people arrested in mainland because of various crimes. There is an influx of the number of women leaving mainland to Hong Kong (Chu, 2005). The hospitals in the city have been strained by the increased number of women coming from mainland to give birth. Before the handover, many women crossed the border illegally to give birth in Hong Kong. In doing this, they hoped their children would earn permanent ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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