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Findings and Discussion - Essay Example

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To What Extent do Parents Have a Role to Play in the Involvement of Youths in Gangs? Findings and Discussion Findings The in-depth interviews with a 17 year old black male (A), an 18 year old black male (B) and an 18 year old male of mixed race (C) revealed that the young men grew up in rough neighbourhoods, and without their fathers…
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Findings and Discussion
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Download file to see previous pages Although, B’s father disappeared altogether, C’s father maintained tenuous contact through the years. A’s biological father left him when he was around 4, and he never saw him again. He is the oldest of 6 children and has a step-father with whom he has no relationship with to speak of. A’s only memory of his father are poor, he remembers his father abusing his mother. B spoke fondly of his mother who obtained an undergraduate degree and teaches English to adult students. A and C’s mothers did not complete school beyond taking their GCSEs. B describes his relationship with his mother as “cool” and expresses a lot of respect for her and appreciation for the sacrifices she made to raise him and his brother as a single parent. In hindsight, he admits that he gave her a lot of trouble and is really impressed with how much she put up with him and stood by him to the bitter end. A however, described his mother as preoccupied with a large family and feels she doesn’t really have time for him. C was similarly disconnected from his mother and felt that she was preoccupied with his little sister. When asked about the trouble he caused his mother, B admitted to having joined a gang at age 15 and getting into a lot of unlawful activities. All three of the young men described gang activities as including stealing, selling illicit drugs, fighting and according to B, even bullying in school. When asked why they joined the gang, they gave a number of explanations. B said having an absent dad and no form of security and protection in that regard made the gang particularly appealing to him. To begin with, the gangs were prevalent on the streets in which he grew up and in school where bullying took place. In order to feel an extra layer of security due to the absent father, and to acquire a sense of belonging, he joined the gang. Joining a gang immediately removed the threat of bullying in school. Moreover, in joining the gang, he was able to obtain a source of income as a means of helping his mother and brother out. This income came in the form of selling illicit drugs. He kept it from his mother and when she made inquiries about the source of income, the young man admitted lying to his mother telling her that the money came from helping friends with their newspaper rounds. C was influenced by his brother to join a gang. In fact, his older brother was his role model and he respected him and when his brother joined a gang he naturally followed in his footsteps. A claims to have gotten involved in a gang as a means of simply getting out of the house which he felt was crowded and he felt he got some space that way. A also claims that he didn’t really have anything to do at home with his mother rarely ever home and his step-father practically ignoring him. He also said that boys in his neighbourhood just hung out together and part of their gang activities included checking “hood passes” and being a member of a gang helped him to find some measure of safety and security. B also indicated that his need to find a source of income for helping his mother out was directly related to his absent father although he admitted that he was not sure whether or not his life would have been any better had his father been around. He spoke particularly disparagingly of his father, referring to him as nothing more than a “sperm donor” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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