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Developing a research proposal - Essay Example

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How the metropolitan police service benefit from international relations instructor Course Institution Date How the metropolitan police service benefit from international relations Introduction. International relations also known as international studies involve the study of different relationships between regions and countries…
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Developing a research proposal
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Download file to see previous pages The field seeks to highlight, as well as establish the foreign policy of a certain state. Even though some practitioners categorize international relations as a section of political science, educationists treat it as one of the interdisciplinary areas of study. In this respect, international relations has a huge function in the education of a country. Prior studies in this field, have recorded the impacts of international relations on the technology, international law, economics, history, philosophy, social work, geography, criminology, anthropology, gender studies, psychology and cultural studies. These studies recorded a number of issues that resulted from international relations. These include globalization, international security, state sovereignty, ecological sustainability, nationalism, global finance, economic development, nuclear proliferation, terrorism, human security, organized crime, human rights, and foreign intervention. Despite the many merits of international relations, there is apparently no documented study on how the metropolitan police service benefit from international relations. This has created a gap in the previous studies. In attempts to cover the gap in prior studies, this paper proposes a research to investigate how the metropolitan police service benefit from international relations. Aims and Objectives of the study. ...
Research questions. This study will address a number of research questions. These include: What are the merits of international relations? What are the demerits of international relations? How does the metropolitan police service benefit from international relations? Hypotheses. In this study we hypothesis that international relations positively affects the metropolitan police service. Literature Review. International relation is known to have originated many years ago. For instance, the ancient Sumerian interaction is known to have started in 3500 BC as an initial full fledged international system (Alfaro, 2010: 67). In respect to sovereign states are normally identified by the Westphalia peace in the year 1648. This was seen as a stepping-stone towards the development of the state’s modern system. Before this, the medieval European organization of political authority relied on a vaguely hierarchical religious order. Different from the popular belief, it was seen that Westphalia embraced the sovereignty systems like the Holy Roman Empire (Crew, 2004: 74). Other than the Westphalia’s piece, the Utrecht Treaty of 1713 is believed to be a reflection of norms that are emerging, in which the sovereigns had no equal internals within the territory. There were also no external superiors like the ultimate authority inside the sovereign borders of the territory. In the years between 1500 and 1790, there was a surging number of sovereign states that were independent, armies and the institutionalization. The revolution of France was an addition to this new idea that the citizen of a state will define a nation and a sovereign. A state with a sovereign nation was considered being a nation state ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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