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The paper will discuss what modes of transport are, which modes of transport are more commonly used in urban and especially metropolitan areas, why people do not use cycles or other clean fuel options to go to work anymore, and how can this trend be changed. …
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Domestic Transportation Infrastructure
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Download file to see previous pages From the research it can be comprehended that transport is a means through which people shift from one place to another. There are many reasons for people to move from a place to another which may include studies, job or any other purpose. Whatever the reason for travelling from one place to the other place would be, means of transportation serve important purpose in making people fulfill their various needs. The modes of transport include:
• Cars
• Bus
• Trains and Trams
• Airplane
• Ferries and ships etc.
The modes of transport used in urban areas are slightly different from the ones used in rural areas. In the areas known as metropolitans that are actually the heavily populated areas, the need of public transport rises. In these regions, people have to adopt various means to go for work or for children to go to school. The most common type of transportation is provided by transit systems in most regions. Transit systems are basically bus services which run around the city to provide transportation facilities to students, workers and all kinds of people. These buses provide their services to city dwellers at low fares which increase their usability in urban areas. Usually, bus service appears to be the preferred means of transportation by a majority of people because of inexpensive rates and convenience. There are different types of transit systems that are run in various countries.
In New York, for instance, subway system is among the transportation system which is probably the biggest one in the world. People living in urban areas in New York prefer travelling by bus to car. It is one of the cities in which the use of public transport is frequent and constant. The reason for this frequent use of bus as a mode of transport might be because of the less amount of cars people own in New York. Similarly, London has a large network of trams, both underground and over ground rails, subway and buses which help people in shifting from a region to another. Usually, people have travel cards for travelling in buses and people are not allowed to drink alcohol in public transport in London. However, in some countries the use of cycle is preferable as a means of transportation in urban areas (Krizek, 2003). There are many factors that determine the use of a specific means of transportation by people. However, the main reasons of choosing bus services are the cheap costs and affordability; need to have more spacious roads that cannot be possible if everyone moves on his own car and social responsibility that everyone gets a chance to travel regardless of whether he owns a car or not (Naess, 2005). Some modes of transport are used in specific regions depending on the people’s needs. For instance, in such a place where people collect the products from various factories and intend to export them, they need some means through which they can transport the materials to different places. Usually this is done by means of ship if there is an ocean nearby or by bus, train or airplane. Change of Trend: ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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