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Critical Infrastructures- Railroad Transportation (Heavy Rail) - Assignment Example

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 This essay "Critical Infrastructures- Railroad Transportation "discusses a major security issue in America on rail-borne hazardous material shipments from terrorist attacks. It analyses a raft of measures aimed at protecting subways and other public transit systems.  …
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Critical Infrastructures- Railroad Transportation (Heavy Rail)
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Download file to see previous pages Just in the city of New York alone, there have been six attempts at making attacks that have been thwarted since the famous 9/11 attack on WTO. In some of these attempted attacks, the target was rail and mass transit systems. The question, therefore, when will terrorists succeed in attacking?
A major security issue in America is no doubt safeguarding our railroad transportations and railroad transportation hubs as well as rail-borne hazardous material shipments from terrorist attacks. As such the United States through coordinated efforts led particularly by the department of homeland security has and continues to implement a raft of measures aimed at protecting our subways and other public transit systems. Any failure to detect and deter terrorist attacks on our subways could be a catastrophic in terms of loss of human lives, economically as well as psychological harm to our sense of security. Public transportation can a very ideal target of those terrorists intended at killing in quantity and indiscriminately since they are used by millions every day. There are also less secure as compared to airports and have no designated checkpoints. Almost every passenger is a stranger and as such anonymity, ease of escape for attackers is guaranteed.
Mass transit agencies have since the year 2001 employed similar strategies of ensuring security with a minimal reduction in operational efficiency. The strategies fall into three categories i.e. improvements on processes, improving technology and improving the entire facilities. Since not any of them assures complete security, agencies employ a combination of both so as to achieve a multi-layer security strategy. The most widely used strategy since the year 2001 has involved process-based improvements as their impact on the system’s operational efficiency is minimal. An example is the Visible Intermodal Protection Response.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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