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Alarming Situation in UK due to Heavy Rain Fall and Floods - Article Example

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The author states that for a safe protective infrastructure there should be proper arrangement for handling the heavy rainfall and floods disasters. In these polluted environments, such a natural disaster is not a new thing so everyone should be prepared for it on his own behalf.  …
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Alarming Situation in UK due to Heavy Rain Fall and Floods
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Extract of sample "Alarming Situation in UK due to Heavy Rain Fall and Floods"

Download file to see previous pages The City Government has to suffer a lot of loss because the flooding usually results in severe damage to buildings, houses, roads and other infrastructure. The whole system takes time and cost also to be rebuilt and used by the general public. Therefore this loss is not only in physical terms but in monetary terms also. In other words, flooding causes a lot of damages to human life.
Another problem is that these after floods there is a lot of water in the farmlands which actually damages the crops. Thus it’s bad news for the farmers that their crops will be adversely damaged. Some of the portions of that crop can be replanted but the farmers may not be able to replace the whole crop production. When the farmers are unable to grow the required food demand of the state then there is a need to import the food items, because the economy itself is not able to meet the demands. When the businessmen buy that food from outside the country then it will definitely affect the food prices because most of the food items will be imported and thus businessmen will charge high prices for that. Now the flood affectees who are already suffered many other losses, have to bear these prices also. Therefore the whole economy will be affected by these rains and floods in different ways.
Usually, critics argue that the houses are built on plain lands thus they are more open to the coming flood water. These flat plain lands are the easiest water channel in case of floods. Therefore if these houses are built on a high place like a hilltop then it would be much safer. But if we look at the other side then building houses on hilltops is not feasible at all. The cost of such hilltop houses is not acceptable for a common man; therefore he will prefer to live in a plain field in any case.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Alarming Situation in UK Due to Heavy Rain Fall and Floods Article.
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