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Discussion Participation Portfolio - Assignment Example

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Your Name Due Date Discussion Participation Portfolio Content-Based Comments: Comment Rating Explanation “Interference from the feminist understanding and measures the neo-liberal system and action around the pursuit of gender equality goals…
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Discussion Participation Portfolio
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Download file to see previous pages It is informative and conveys a more thorough understanding of the topic consideration. It discusses concisely the need for change internationality in when it concerns gender equality. “Let's look at Germany, Japan and the characteristics of their respective fascist road: Germany: German fascist dictatorship is through the establishment of a fascist parties, after the publicity campaign, get the victory in the congressional elections to establish together with Hitler as its leader: 1.There is a strong fascist party, and launched a mass-based fascist movement. 2.Taken a combination of top-down and bottom-up achieved national regime. 3. Revolutionized the political system of the country.” 4.0 This is in response to the discussion concerning Fascism and how fascist regimes are able to come to power. This explanation shows how the process of a society abandoning one political ideology and fascism can be adopted. The fact, that sometimes fascism seems like the right idea at the time, because it often appears to be offering positive change, but then proves to be anything but positive. “Fascism is a product of capitalism into a full-blown crisis. Emotional intensification of political, economic and social unrest, a deterioration of the situation of the middle class, dissatisfaction with the status quo without consciousness, as well as the ruling group to find new rule countermeasures, the need to prepare a new war re-divide the world, contributed to the generation of the Fascist development.” 4.0 This detailed description of at what point in a struggling government is fascism able to seem appealing as a solution to whatever economic, social, or political issues are occurring. This stands out as strong content because it has happened to many nations in the past. Supportive Comments: Comment Rating Explanation “I commented elsewhere on the board about national citizens were not concerned with what happens to others, as long as they were advancing as a nation.  As you referred to Hitler, this is a great example. Yes, he did put 5 million Germans back to work, but he also killed around as many Jewish citizens, he was able to convince others that Jewish individuals were different and actually destroying the nation. I found that a lot of the times, these political parties were basing their ideologies off of the ability to convince their citizens to believe what they believe.”  5 The clear and honest acknowledgement to the person who made the correlation is a strong one. Even though Hitler accomplished some promised, positive things, does not mean that it is worth adhering to a dictator to do it. And it is true; a government can only become that strong unless the citizens allow it to happen. Convince the people and success is likely. “There is some good to the neo-liberal agenda in terms of fighting for freedoms and creating movements. Anyone have any other comments on the good aspects? Or the future of creating gender equity, as explained in the article? Or any other thoughts?” 3.5 This is a direct request to others on the discussion boards to respond. Point out the positives if any exist and teach me. Nothing encourages others to share their opinion then ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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