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The internet is my chosen technology and recently, I did an experiment whereby I spent 12 hours without using it, and I faced various challenges. The experience led me to conclude that the Internet has become an integral part of my life …
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12 hours without technology
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12 Hours without Technology The internet is my chosen technology and recently, I did an experiment whereby I spent 12 hours without using it, and I faced various challenges. The experience led me to conclude that the Internet has become an integral part of my life and has greatly enhanced my access to and sending of information in very many spheres of my life. As a young person and a student, it has become very important in my educational research, keeping abreast of current affairs in the world and a good companion during my leisure time where I can access leisure sites. The affordability and accessibility of the Internet is a great advantage of the technology, and the continued modernization of the same to enable the user to access different functions at a minimal cost has made it widely used all over the world (Carr, 2010). The advent of the smart phones and mobile devices with access to the internet has made it possible for people to have access to information and communicate easily. I was unable to go through the 12 hour period due to the much inconvenience I experienced. It felt like I was almost entirely shut out from the world, friends and acquaintances, considering the fact that unlike many other technology devices, the internet allows me to communicate with people and get the information required for research in my school work. When it is possible at the touch of an icon to communicate to many friends wherever they are, I had a hard time passing and receiving information which ordinarily has been placed at my fingertips either on my phone or computer. When I needed to contact my family for finances needed at school, it was not possible since the computers in school were not internet enabled to facilitate the sending of an E-mail and they are also shared. This made them to receive the information later than was expected. I was undergoing examinations during that period, where I needed to visit internet sites, which I usually do at the comfort of my desk, home, vehicle or wherever I am. I also had a hard time in my free time, as during my leisure time, I normally visit entertainment sites like games or even chat with friends. This gives the mind time to relax and prepare itself for the tasks ahead. I found this experiment very difficult, due to the fact that I was not in contact with friends and acquaintances and could not access very crucial information that I need every day. I had the notion in mind that there were people or acquaintances who were trying to contact me since I normally use social media sites for communication. Though it was possible to reach some people at close proximity, the number was minimal and this really limited my communication channels.. I also had to travel long distances by vehicle to reach those unreachable thus using more money and spending more time. This is coupled with the fact that I needed this precious time to study for my schoolwork. Accessing areas like my bank account, reading my favorite newspaper, twitter or Facebook which I normally do at the comfort of wherever I am through my cell phone became a herculean task during that 12 hour period. All these operations have been made very easy through my chosen technology at a very affordable cost to all. The experiment made me appreciate the internet more as without it I was direly inconvenienced, and I could not do all the activities I engage in every day without strive. I received calls from many of my friends asking whether I was okay just by the mere fact that I was not available online to chat and I did not also reply to many of their messages for the span of the 12 hours. I was greatly inconvenienced, and my interpersonal relationships were greatly disrupted, with many later questioning later why I had suddenly not reachable on various social media sites. They thought it was a way of avoiding them, which would have hurt my relationships or prevented me from receiving very crucial information. This was very disheartening since many of these people are family members and close friends. I would conclude that the Internet is a very convenient technology due to its accessibility and affordability. I discovered through this experiment that it has become a very integral part in the lives of many people, and with globalization, it is of uttermost importance. I appreciate my chosen technology more, and I feel I will continue to seek for a more enabled one as the world continues to advance in technology. Reference Carr, N. (2010). Is Google making us stupid? What the internet is doing to our brains. Technologies, social media and society 11/12 17th edition. Read More
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