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This report “Concentrated Solar Power” investigates a power system used to generate electricity for powering domestic holdings, business and industries. The essay makes various recommendations for effective installation of solar panels…
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Concentrated Solar Power
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Download file to see previous pages The second chapter introduces us to possible solution to the problem stated in the introduction chapter. In the third chapter, various aspects of the solution are analyzed. In this case, the research has clearly explained justifications for using the solution outlined. The conclusion gives a summary of main ideas outlined in the research. In addition, various recommendations have been presented for potential advancement of this technology. We have analyzed various ways through which the lighting problem in the rural areas and other areas that are not connected to the grid can be lighted up. In addition, we have been focussing on the ways that can be adopted in order to in the installation scale down the electricity bills payable by consumers for the power supply. One of the main openings to providing a solution for the stated problems is to utilize the solar energy. It is important to note that every single household is always connected to the solar energy; since it is freely available as a gift of nature. This report investigates a power system used to generate electricity for powering domestic holdings, business and industries. The essay makes various recommendations for effective installation of solar panels to ensure that maximum power will be produced. In addition, this work provides technical skills for technicians involved in the installation. This research has been conducted with the aim of unmasking the potential that the solar energy possess if it was fully exploited. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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