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Climate change and global warming are the resultant products of this increase. A rapid transition need to be put implemented to meet the challenges of climate change and global warming by countering…
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Choose one of the topics below
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Download file to see previous pages It is paramount to shift to energy sources that can substantially reduce the CO2 emissions as compared to fossil fuels rather than restricting energy saving portfolios in order to realize a reduction of greenhouse emissions. Renewable energy strategy is the best approach to reducing the emissions. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), to reach the ultimate goal of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, including the developing countries, strategic renewable energy sources should be implemented. Nuclear power generations and fossil fuel-fire d power generations with CO2 storage and recapture measures should be put in place to fast track counter global warming (IEA, 2008).
Renewable energy is an inexhaustible energy that is a flow-type and is environment friendly. This proposal will presents some analytic findings of renewable energy outputs towards a low carbon society. It goes further to provide the nature policies on the promotion of renewable energy, measures to overcome non-economic barriers for the adoption, future courses of electricity demand-supply system, cost and effects of promotion of renewable energy and the ways to allocate related costs (IEA, 2008).
The leading renewable energy producer in North America is Ontario. This renewable energy is beneficial since it does not bring about environmental degradation or pollution. Different methods of producing such energy include harnessing of wind energy through the use of windmills, harnessing of biogas or through the harnessing of solar energy.
Electricity harnessed through solar energy directly depends on the energy from the sun and its intensity. Hence, different states that rely on solar energy try to determine solar insolation annually in order to optimize their electricity production during high insolation periods and subsidize their electricity during low insolation periods.
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Choose One of the Topics below Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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