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Factors that distinguish your local ecology and environment - Essay Example

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This essay describes that in the last few decades as the industry progressed, the climate of the earth changed drastically. As we are consuming the earth’s resources to generate energy, we are polluting the earth’s atmosphere.As the result of this pollution the temperature of the earth is raising…
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Factors that distinguish your local ecology and environment
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Download file to see previous pages Canada is rich with forests and is blessed with forest ecosystem, mountainous ecosystem, arctic ecosystem and prairie grassland ecosystem. A vast land of the country is covered with boreal and temperate forests (Natural Resources Canada 2009). Three oceans make the border of Canada. Most of the region has lower winter temperatures. Forests help maintain the natural atmosphere in the region and help to maintain air quality in the region. Country’s economy is dependent on its forestry and agriculture, but mining of natural resources contribute much to the economy of the country. Diamond exploration also contributes to the country’s economy. The specific factors that distinguish the Canada’s local ecology and environment are forests. Forests play an important role in purifying the urban air. Forests are also important in best utilization of water. Rivers and lakes in the country are the source of fresh water but the country also started some wastewater treatment programs to reduce the utilization of water. Mountains are also important in providing the country fresh water and Canada is blessed with mountainous ecology.Canada’s ecosystem supports heavily human activities like agriculture. However, human activities, which involve the emission of green house gases, are highly dangerous for the ecosystem. Urban localities cover almost 0.2% of the country. In Canada, urban localities consume most of energy. The large amount of energy consumption means large amount of green house gases emissions. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Factors That Distinguish Your Local Ecology and Environment Essay.
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