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Surrounding Ecologies and Environments - Essay Example

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These aspects are built by human operations, decision-making and attitude towards various kinds of human actions. These aspects assist in understanding where…
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Surrounding Ecologies and Environments
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Download file to see previous pages The long distance from the Houston metropolis contributes to the preservation of much of marine and wildlife close to the suburbs due to less human activities (Harper 11).
I am surrounded by a vast eco-system made up of small and numerous rivers, ponds, lakes, plateaus and rocky landscapes. The arid climate has molded my surrounding into habitat for crawling, mammal, reptilian and birds. These animals are able to survive in my local ecological setting because of their adaptation to the environment’s weather, landscape and human activities. For instance, Snakes thrive in the plateaus and rocky plains that surround the patch past residential estates of Houston (Harper 5). Man’s intervention of the entire ecosystem has also played a part in the population and behavior of fish, insects amongst other wildlife. The local state has interrupted numerous natural happenings amongst the wildlife in my surrounding. This is initiated with the aim of job creation, social equity, food security, industry development and corporate speculations. Nevertheless, Houston’s state agencies have sought after the preservation of the ecosystems in the state. For instance, local wildlife and ecological programs have begun seeking the creation of appreciable quantities and quality of innate biological systems, water and air quality and metropolitan surroundings (Harper 15).
The human environment in my local setting implies domestic understandings of respiratory healthiness regularly disagree with civic health ideas of ecological health. In turn, they differentially outline my interactions with the environment. As human elements in my ecological change turns out to be increasingly realized, political ecology is one of the key aspects that differentiate Houston from the human environment from ecology (Grimm et al 256). The variation includes the main indulgence of both of both how we ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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