Generation of electricity using Biomass in Nova scotia, Canada - Term Paper Example

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Table of Content 1. Introduction 2. Discussion 2:1. Potentiality of generating electricity from biomass 2:2. Biomass fuelled electricity production in Nova Scotia 3. Methodology 4. Conclusion 5. Works cited Generation of Electricity using Biomass in Nova Scotia 1…
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Generation of electricity using Biomass in Nova scotia, Canada
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Download file to see previous pages People are deeply at odds over the proposal, for many support this idea when some others question the viability and sustainability of this project. Evidences suggest that today many countries are successfully generating electricity from biomass to resolve their electricity crises. Referring to the shortcomings of other major electricity generation techniques and the available resources of Nova Scotia, it can be argued that electricity generation from biomass will be a potential proposal for the region. This paper will discuss why Nova Scotia must generate electricity from biomass to meet its power needs and to make electricity cost affordable to its people. 2. Discussion 2:1. Potentiality of generating electricity from biomass “Biomass is biological material derived from living, or recently living organisms” (Biomass Energy Centre). Biomass is a broader term that represents diverse fuels derived from agriculture and food wastes and timber. Sewage sludge and animal manure may also form biomass fuel whereas it is also derived from trees. Considering the regeneration capacity of trees, it seems that biomass fuels are renewable. In the context of rapidly deteriorating non-renewable energy resources, the biomass fuels have a vital role to play in the electricity generation. ...
Currently, lumber or other wood wastes are burnt in most biomass power plants. According to Augustine and Bockenhauer, in direct combustion power plants, biomass fuel is burnt direct in boilers which in turn provide steam for steam-electric generators. Under the biomass gasification process, biomass is initially converted into methane which is capable of fuelling steam generators, fuel cells, and combustion turbines. The major benefit of biomass gasification over direct combustion is that “extracted gasses can be used in a variety of power plant configurations” (Power Scorecard). The major argument against biomass fuelled power plants is that they cause air emissions. Although this argument is valid and has many environmental reasons to justify, it is not sufficient to abandon the concept of biomass fuelled electricity. Air emissions can be reduced by carefully choosing fuel and technology. There is a common perception that electricity generated using renewable technologies is more expensive than the electricity generated from fossil fuels. Although it may be true in the case of wind energy and solar energy, electricity generation using biomass is cost-effective. In addition, this technique is considered to be greenhouse neutral. This feature is really advantageous in the context of current global warming and climate change issues. According to the findings of US Energy Information Administration, biomass fuelled power plants assist the agriculture industry to solve waste disposal problems. In terms of availability, biomass is better than other renewable technologies such as solar energy. Since biomass is easy to convert into high energy portable fuel forms like gas or alcohol, electricity can be easily generated from biomass without the application of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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