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Solar energy - Essay Example

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Solar Energy in Arab Countries Most of the Arab countries have shown phenomenal and extraordinary development within a pace of few decades. Natural resources have always been doing wonders for a vast majority of the Arab countries. The way Arab countries have used oil to take their economies to the apogee of success is a potential example of this…
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Solar energy
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Extract of sample "Solar energy"

Download file to see previous pages There is huge potential of creation of jobs and establishment of allied manufacturing industries in the Arab countries. With the growth in the export demand of the solar thermal systems, prices are expected to decline. “A World Bank/African Development Bank CSP Investment Plan for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) has secured $750 million from the $6.4 billion Climate Investment Funds to support the expensive start-up phase when costs of solar power are high and export markets undeveloped” (“Concentrated Solar Power”). TiSUN, the Austrian solar thermal system manufacturer manufactured the subsidiary TiSUN GCC FZC to serve the Middle Eastern markets. It has been more than twenty years since TiSUN has been creating and selling systems to utilize the solar energy. These solar systems offer fully independent and free solar energy that can be used for a variety of purposes including water heating, backup heating, and cooling. TiSUN is the solar heating specialist from Europe and its quote of export is almost 83 per cent (“Press Releases”). TiSUN founded the solar thermal system in the start of December 2011 in Dubai. ...
Robin M. Welling, the CEO of TiSUN who is involved in the renewable energies’ economics in the Arabian markets explained this in these words, “The countries of the Arabian Gulf are among the sunniest regions in the world. With nine hours per day, the amount of sunshine is much higher than in any European country. This is one reason why the Middle Eastern countries provide the ideal conditions for the installation of solar thermal systems” (Welling cited in “Press Releases”). TiSUN G.C.C. FZC has been distributing the solar thermal systems in numerous Emirates since December 2011 that include Bahrain, Iraq, Oman, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. Abu Dhabi currently has a large project on which TiSUN solar thermal systems are being installed. This project contains a total of 750 houses constructed on the area of six square kilometers, gardens containing pools, various commercial buildings and two private schools. In this area, 28 luxury houses for single families have been supplied with the TiSUN solar thermal system. This system provides the houses with environment friendly hot water. The TiSUN solar thermal system allows each house to produce energy for at least four individuals with the total area of collector surface being eight square meters and a provision of fresh water tanks with the capacity of 500 liters. Percentage of the TiSUN system’s solar fraction is 70. TiSUN G.C.C. FZC’s Managing Director, Bashar Muhtadi expresses his contentment with the positive developments with respect to energy in the markets based in the Middle East in these words, “The integration of solar heating systems in the modern building environment has become a standard in the MENA (Middle East + North Africa) region in the last three years – ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Solar Energy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words - 1.
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Solar energy

.... For instance, ancient civilizations used energy from the sun to stay warm by starting combustion with it. They as well maintained the warm temperature of their residences by means of reflexive solar energy designs. Buildings were planned so that walls and floorings amassed solar warmth throughout the day that was released in nighttime to keep the temperature warm. The breakthrough of photovoltaic during 1839 reveals that electrical current in some specific materials could be raised when placed in light. “During the year 1905, the well-known physicist Albert Einstein clearly explained the photoelectric effect, the principle on which photovoltaic are based. In 1921,...
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Solar energy

... is the nearest and biggest star and the source of energy for the planet of Earth. The sun's energy has been in use for a lengthy time, and it is a critical part of life. The solar energy is a fundamental need for humans. The image of the sun has many theories, histories and myths associated with it. For centuries, it has been the God, or the holy part of different religions, for example, the American native tribes and Greeks worshipped it. It is also an essential part of many religions as they hold it dear to their worship, for example, Hinduism, Buddhism and druids of England hold the sun as the precedence of their existence. It is a fact that without the solar energy, human life would be inexistent. Sunlight is crucial as the living...
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Solar Energy

... is at a rate of about 1,333 per meter Squared. This is known as the solar constant. Solar energy is a technology that is used with the goal of harnessing sun energy and making it useable. Currently, the technology produces energy that can cater for a major portion of the global energy demand. The various types of solar power include solar photovoltaic power, solar thermal energy and passive solar energy. Solar photovoltaic power is harnessed when the sun rays are converted to electricity. The quantity produced is reliant of the intensity of sun rays. Solar thermal energy uses the sun rays to heat water and the inside of homes. Passive solar energy is the heating of a building or home depending on the architectural design. The design...
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Solar energy the country. In addition, using oil produces considerable amounts of gases that result in damaging our environment. Topic and thesis This research will examine power generating in the United Arab Emirates. It will analyze the importance of changing the method of using oil to generate power. Furthermore, this proposal will discuss how renewable energy can be beneficial to this country. The emphasis of this research will be on the significance of using solar energy instead of using oil. The government of the UAE should communicate the importance of solar energy to the major cities due to the following three reasons: Solar...
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... to apply solar energy, and quite a lot of ways have been found in which solar energy can be produced and used in a cost effective way. A system consisting of a whole range of solar panels along with the storage batteries is conventionally employed as the most suitable setup for harnessing the energy derived from the sun. Light incident from the sun is collected by the solar panels which in turn, store the energy thus captured into the storage batteries. As the solar energy is transferred to the batteries, it is possible to also use it to operate different home appliances and machines. The excessive solar energy that is originally stored in the batteries can be later made use of right after the sunset or in the night as required. In homes...
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Solar energy

... have utilized solar energy for a lot many years. For instance, ancient civilizations used energy from the sun to stay warm by starting combustion with it. They as well maintained the warm temperature of their residences by means of reflexive solar energy designs. Buildings were planned so that walls and floorings amassed solar warmth throughout the day that was released in nighttime to keep the temperature warm. The breakthrough of photovoltaic during 1839 reveals that electrical current in some specific materials could be raised when placed in light. “During the year 1905, the well-known physicist Albert Einstein clearly explained the photoelectric effect, the principle on which photovoltaic are based. In 1921, Einstein received the Nobel...
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Solar Energy

... in McGraw-Hill Concise Encyclopedia of Science and Technology, 2004). The radiation which is scattered when it collides with gas molecules is termed diffuse radiation, whereas the portion that directly reaches the Earth’s surface is termed direct radiation. Clouds play an important role in the scattering of radiation and hence reduce direct radiation by 80 – 90%. Global radiation is defined as the total radiation, including the diffuse and direct radiation that reaches the Earth’s surface (Solar energy in McGraw-Hill Concise Encyclopedia of Science and Technology, 2004). Extensive research is being carried on the utilization of solar energy; and the chief aim is to develop technology and discover efficient ways to capture the low-density...
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Solar Energy

...itself is renewable. The maintenance costs of solar power are also quite low compared to other forms of energy (Thomas 11). It is also quite easy to install solar panels which are available at relatively low costs. Solar energy can also be used in any setting, be it at home or an industrial setting. Another main pro of solar energy is its reliability. This is an energy source that will never be affected by geographical, economic or political upheavals (13). One of the major disadvantages of solar power is the fact that it is only available in places which have lots of sunshine. People...
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Solar energy

... and regularly commotion free. The engineering is likewise flexible. For instance, sun based units produce energy for far-out spots like satellites in Earth circle and lodges profound in the Rocky Mountains as effectively as they can control downtown edifices and cutting edge autos. However sun powered energy doesnt work during the evening without a space gadget, for example, an electric cell, and shady climate can make the innovation problematic throughout the day. Sun based technologies are likewise extremely unreasonable and oblige a considerable measure of area range to gather the suns energy at rates advantageous to heaps of individuals. In spite of the weaknesses, solar energy use has surged at in the vicinity of 20 percent a year...
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Solar energy evaluate the efficiency of the solar energy converting system is to analyze the solar energy verses the energy converted by the system from the solar energy. In general, solar photovoltaic panels are efficient enough to convert only 15% of the incident solar energy. However, with the help of continuous research in the area helped develop the solar photovoltaic panels that can attain a maximum efficiency of more than 40%. It means that these solar PV panels and solar thermal pannels are capable of converting 40% of the...
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Water and Energy Versus The Ideal US Population

...). Genuine concerns are expressed about consumption of energy and luxurious items by the United States and its impact on biodiversity and conservation efforts around the world. Yearly Americans are using twice as much fossil energy as the total solar energy captured by all plants through photosynthesis in the United States. Petroleum geologists warn of the approaching end of the petroleum and natural gas era, and even coal reserves are not inexhaustible. Furthermore, uncontrolled U.S. population growth, intensifying soil erosion and degradation on agricultural lands, the overuse of water resources, and pollution combine to reduce the carrying capacity of the ecosystem,...
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Wave Kinetics and Tidal Energy as an Alternative Energy Resources

...Wave Kinetics and Tidal Energy as an Alternative Energy Resources No: Wave Kinetics and Tidal Energy as an Alternative Energy Resources The law of conservation of energy states, “Energy can neither be created nor it can be destroyed, it can be transformed from one form to another” (Denecke 2006). If we look around, we can find many resources of energy like the fossil fuel has the chemical energy stored in it and when it is burnt, the chemical energy transforms to thermal energy, which can be utilized for majority of purposes. Wind has also energy stored in it, which can be transformed to a usable form by utilizing windmills or wind generators. Similarly sun provides us both light energy and thermal energy. Both of the solar energy types...
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Alternative Energy Sources: A Panacea to Oil Dependence

... and even support both, individuals and organizations, financially (McNamee, 2008). The changeover to renewable energy sources, along with helping in other ways, will also help in creating various job opportunities. There would be a requirement of the workforce in the factories designed for production and manufacturing of components for renewable energy sources. There would also be a need for educated and trained professionals for the service and installation needs of these components. Few examples of these components include solar panels and mechanism required for wind mills, etc. This way a whole new market will come into being, thus supporting world economy and helping individuals by creating employment opportunities (McNamee, 2008...
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The Impact of Renewable and Non-renewable Energy Sources on Earth

...-energy use was mostly unproductive, socially inequitable as well as damaging to the health. It can be stated that wind energy has become cost competitive with traditional energies in leading countries. Among all the renewable sources energy, it can be mentioned that the geothermal energy is practically infinite in nature in the long-term and it is also considered to be an abundant resource in the developing countries (The National Academics Press, 2012). Solar energy does not lead to air pollution when it is operated. The primary environmental and safety issues related to solar energy comprise the way they are created, installed and disposed of. There is a need of energy to create and hence install solar components. The fossil fuels used...
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Is Sustainability Energy a Realistic Goal in the Near Future

... include clean cooking fuel, electricity and an adequate means of transportation. Of course, the need for a profound transformation of the world’s energy-producing and using infrastructure has been widely recognized in the mounting concern about global climate change (Al-Saleh, 2011). Presently, for these services to be provided most of the energy has to come from fuels like coal, oil, nuclear, wood. They also depend on other primary sources like waterpower, solar or wind that until they are converted into the relevant energy services that can be used by mechanics and other end use equipment, such as turbines, stoves or motors remain largely useless. With the overview of the present energy sources and its limitations, it is very clear...
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Solar Energy Made Economical

...not sustain the increasing energy demands. Coal is another energy source that has been used by many industries. However, the use of coal in power plants is detrimental to the environment. It contributes to the pollution in air and water. Gases emitted by coal power plants exacerbate the atmosphere building up carbon dioxide and contribute to the increase of greenhouse gases that causes global warming. The abundance of solar energy can not be contested. Anywhere in the world, the sun has been the source of light for the earth. Solar energy offers many advantages for the environment. Energy coming from the sun does not...
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... Impact of Portable Air Cleaners and Energy use Indoor air pollutants are undesirable, sometimes detrimental materials in the air within the house. They range from chemicals to dusts to radon. Indoor air pollution is categorized among the upper five environmental risks to health. The study sought to answer two questions. 1) To determine which air cleaner is more efficient between a central HVAC with filters and a portable air cleaner. 2) The study seeks to compare the difference in energy consumption between the two air cleaning devices. There exists varying air cleaners, and there are also different indoor air pollutants. The study found that pollutants that can distress air quality in the home are categorized into particulate matter...
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Solar Heating

...SOLAR HEATING Email: INTRODUCTION Mitsuo (1997, 63) holds that active solar heating applies solar energy to heat fluids. It transfers the solar heat to the interior space directly. It also transfers the same to a storage system for future consumption. Back-up systems as well as auxiliary systems offer traditional heat moments when the solar system does not give enough space for heating. Under storage devices, liquid systems apply and do well considering the radiant heating systems. Other instruments include boilers that have radiators for hot water. They add to coolers and absorption heat pumps. Forced air systems accept both air and liquid systems as supplements. Schiller Consulting, (2007, 21) on the other hand covers liquid-based solar...
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Change Waste to Energy, Generating Electricity from Garbage and Pollution in United States

... ID: Research Paper: Change waste to energy, generating electri from garbage and pollution in United States Introduction Lifestyle of modern consumer influences their consumption habits. A huge amount of waste is generated throughout the world which is causing a major problem in maintaining environmental balance. Converting waste products into energy is a very innovative process in producing electricity, heat etc. This is a process of energy recovery. Waste to energy involves burning of residential, commercial and hazardous waste including plastics, paper, food scraps and metals. Renewable energy has a significant role in developing fossil fuel in United States. Combustion of organic waste recovers huge amount of energy. In case...
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Innovation in Concentrated Solar Power

...focuses on concentrating solar power generation since it is the supreme renewable energy source globally. According to [2], Solar energy technologies are classified into: i) Passive and active; ii) Thermal and photo voltaic; and iii) Concentrating and non-concentrating. Passive solar energy technology simply gathers the energy without changing the light or heat into other forms. It entails maximizing the daylight use or heat through the designs of building. Active solar energy technology on the other hand refers to the collecting of solar energy for...
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