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The risks and dangers of technological deveopment: accidents are increasing in scale, frequency and severity in our modern capta - Essay Example

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The Risks and Dangers of Technological Development (Names) (Institution) (Tutor) (Date) In the modern society, there is a tremendous progress in innovations with an aim to improve the productivity and create comfort for human life (Bennett, 2005). Different technological innovations have both advantages and disadvantages in the society…
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The risks and dangers of technological deveopment: accidents are increasing in scale, frequency and severity in our modern capta
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Extract of sample "The risks and dangers of technological deveopment: accidents are increasing in scale, frequency and severity in our modern capta"

Download file to see previous pages Accidents are increasing at an alarming rate both in magnitude, regularity and rigorousness. They are claiming the lives of many people and adversely affecting other people psychologically, socially and economically (Musil, &Vrba, 2007). Therefore, as technology continues to advance, there is probability for increase in social evils in the society hence causing an issue of concern to all people. Technological advancement has resulted to better improvement s in the living standards of human beings (Matthewman, 2012). States and individuals have invested heavily on research and development in order to create more resources for the nations and improve living standards. However, such advancement has posed great challenges in the survival of human being. For example, oil spillages in the sea have intensely affected the aquatic lives hence resulting to extinction of some fish species and other sea lives. Society is a complicated interaction of various components and one even affects the other. For example, the effects of environmental changes result to interruptions of social lives (Musil, &Vrba, 2007). The human activities result to changes in climatic conditions such as global warming, rising and falling of sea tides, unprecedented heat which cause tension on the power supplying grids and so on. Consequently, power transmission lines pose threats to human lives and may cause death any time to the people living around those areas. After all, tensed power transmission lines are likely to collide with trees along the transmission routes hence resulting to interference of the power supply in a specific region. There is a high reliance on electric power in all aspects of lives hence it is quite difficult to live without it (Musil, & Vrba, 2007). The overhead electricity transmission system is quite economic in terms of maintenance and installation. However, those power cables are prone to risks of falling trees which may disconnect the power supply any time. As human activities increases, there is an increase in effects on the environmental conditions which pose threats to power systems. For example, human activities are responsible for variations of wind flow and great heat intensity that causes tsunamis and so on. Installation of underground power cables is also an expensive activity and result to great risk in terms of damages caused by floods. Installation of an underground system will require demolition of the overhead power transmission line and great cost of installing the underground system (Matthewman, 2012). However, although underground cables are not affected by wind, they also susceptible to damage by the floods than the overhead power supply cables. There is a study which has been carried out to establish the occurrence of deaths as a result of accidents (Matthewman, 2012). However, there is an assumption that human lives are lost through accidents resulting from vehicles, electric power and so on, in comparison to deaths caused by intentional death. Technological advancement of a nation also integrates human and political components (Bennett, 2005). Leaders in the society determine the aspects of the technology that need to be implemented in the society in order to achieve greater heights of economic progress. They are expected to support economic activities that will result to greater economic progress in order to improve the lives of the citizens. However, in case a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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