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The Asbestos Disaster - Coursework Example

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An evaluation of the effects of asbestos from a perspective of occupational health, tolerability standards, and prevention and control strategies along with current concerns is the core objective of this document. From an occupational health perspective, the asbestos disaster is a major hazard…
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The Asbestos Disaster
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Download file to see previous pages The estate was discovered to have the uppermost incidence in the realm of mesothelioma. As the gap between revelation and identification can be up to five decades, the number of additional deaths that may happen because of the factory's discharges or leftover dust since its shutting down cannot be envisaged.
From an occupational health perspective, the asbestos disaster in the UK is a major occupational hazard and a gigantic blow to safety management as it endangers the lives of workers, environment, and society at large. Asbestos dust is a heavily hazardous material with higher levels of toxic components and is a proven cause of illnesses and fatalities (Ritsumeikan University, 2012, 1). As a result, it falls under the purview of occupational hazard and safety management to initiate mechanisms to mitigate the risks of such events. However, on the broader perspective, action ought to be taken against the industrial unit management for the perceived negligence of duty to protect the health and safety of the employees, environment, and wider society. A comprehensive evaluation of the effects of asbestos from a perspective of occupational health, tolerability standards, and prevention and control strategies along with current concerns is the core objective of this document.
Asbestos denotes a class of naturally happening crystalline components of the Serpentine along with Amphibole clusters of minerals that are metallic-silicates. In the Amphibole group, the most universal to be commercially used were Crocidolite, in addition to Amosite, while Anthophyllite, Tremolite with Actinolite, as well amphiboles are atypical. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Asbestos Disaster Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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