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ICT Environmental Risks in Russia - Research Paper Example

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The researcher of this paper concludes the present literature on environmental dangers of the Internet and ICTs in the Russia. The primary types of effects denoted are first order impacts, Second Order impacts and third order impacts. …
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ICT Environmental Risks in Russia
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Download file to see previous pages The commanding heights The commanding heights: The Battle for the World Economy is a novel by Stanislaw and Yergin was initially published in 1998. The volume was then changed to a documentary under the same name and then produced via DVD. Commanding Heights tries to trail the development of liberated markets in the previous century, plus the globalization process. The novel attributes the genesis of the expression commanding heights to a language by Vladimir Lenin referring to the control of perceived key segments of a national economy (Yergin & Stanislaw, 2002). The Russian Revolution in the period of 1917 highlighted a substitute exemplar to market entrepreneurship and capitalism, and the Great Depression of the period of 1930’s destabilized faith in trades. The Market was in recoil almost in the entire globe by the untimely 1940’s, and did not just happen in the communist bloc. The Labor Party in United Kingdom nationalized almost all of the economy, a majority of the third world trailed a socialist trend, and the US followed a strategy of extensive government directive of business. Moreover, government subjugated markets during the 1970’s were languishing and deteriorated. Margaret Thatcher is among the championed personalities of Commanding Heights, who was a primary vehicle in regenerating the economy, which was not only in Britain. Stanislaw and Yergin debate the vitality of philosophies: John Keynes with his domineering theories were overriding from the period of 1930’s, but in the after times of the 20th century, economy activists like Friedrich von Hayek and his teammates at the Chicago University have the best debate.The writers depict absence in certification that the economy’s victory is going to be forever. Ecological...
The paper tells that application of Information Communication Technologies has had a significant impact in the various economies within Russian environment. These effects are negative or positive considering their impact on the environment. For instance, the second order effects have a positive impact on the design and process of various products and related products in Russia. However, there are uncertainties that relate to the third order effects on this environment. Such uncertainties are experienced in aggregate demand of products, symphony of economic development and consumer behavior. Uncertainty in development is viewed in terms of determining materialization in various industries within the economy. Many of the gains made may negatively influence the environment, and it requires that there be a balance between gains made and the impact on the environment. Once this is neglected, new forms of consumption may come up and would lead to new environmental problems. These problems may be a burden to the economy, and the people found within such environment. Some of these problems may not be easily controlled, and this may lead to national disasters within the Russian environment. There is a need to monitor and evaluate the gains associated with ICT driven productivity in Russian environment economies. This will facilitate evaluation of environmental performance of economies in terms of their industries. For instance, the OECD would be used to formulate a framework that would be used for monitoring performance of economies. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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