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The Advantages of Modern Technology in Buildings Safety - Essay Example

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The modern world has been dominated with technology which has made it smoother for general day-to-day operations to run. The wave of urbanization…
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The Advantages of Modern Technology in Buildings Safety
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Extract of sample "The Advantages of Modern Technology in Buildings Safety"

Download file to see previous pages This discussion aims to uncover various advantages that technology has brought in regard to safety of buildings.
Thesis Statement: The three major advantages of embracing technology in buildings are: reduction and minimization of pollution within the building expand security system and enhance communication. The three mentioned advantages will be discussed in details so as to divulge and reveal what role exactly technology plays in protecting lives of people and reducing risks of harm and danger.
Overtime, Civil engineers have worked so hard to make sure the new wave of technology is incorporated into and embraced by the building industries so as to improve the security conditions of those buildings. Most buildings that host factories indulged in manufacturing products usually pose a lot of danger to those who work in such places; pollutions in at least some form become inevitable. Such buildings require effective technological channels tools installed in them that can help dispose these wastes without causing harm to people. Human safety comes first and this is the reason why all efforts must be made to ensure people who are accommodated in any building are secure and free from harm.
It is important to acknowledge that the new technology comes both with merits and limitations but the advantages supersede and are far much more and better than the disadvantage and this explains why it is witty to clinch and tightly grip onto the modern technology. When the good things that use of technology fetches are weighed against hitches it is likely to bring, it becomes evident that technological application is the best thing that a building can ever have.
According to Gray (2008), workers who operate machines that produce chemicals and/or gases are usually at high risk of being exposed to contaminated liquids and gases that can easily create health hazards. Pollution is the initiation of an ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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